Zafar Khashimov

M.Sc in Management Information Systems
Sussex University, Brighton, UK;

M.Sc. in mathematics from Tashkent State University, Tashkent, Uzbekistan;

B.Sc. in mathematics from Tashkent State University, Tashkent, Uzbekistan;

CEO and founder of
Owner of FLO, Red Tag Uzbekistan, Balton Trading Asia Company;

Hikmat Abdurakhmanov

Hikmat Abdurahmanov is a co-founder at TEAM University. Along with entrepreneurship, education was always a strong passion for Hikmat.

Hikmat is a graduate of University of World economy & Diplomacy. Earning his Bachelors (2001) & Masters (2004) in International Economics with excellence at UWED, he worked there as a part-time assistant to professor on management. Later on after establishing himself as an entrepreneur he came back regularly as a visiting faculty to UWED, teaching Strategic management to students of 4th year at UWED. Besides, he regularly gives lectures at various universities in the country.

He earned second Master’s degree from prestigious University of St Andrews in International Business in UK(2006). That helped him to calibrate his knowledge in the world of business, together with his partners launch successful companies in fields like: business tourism, leasing, business development & trade (HMPartners, GroundZero, TechnoPlaza, CLG Leasing, UzAutoLeasing, Uzbek-Chinese Trading House, IBT, GEN Uzbekistan, MediTech, Western Production Technologies, Batiskaf Consulting). Now, together with his partners he would like to contribute to the higher education sphere in the country through establishment of private entrepreneurial university.

Anvar Irchaev

Was born on October 10, 1977. Currently he is the founder of Orient Capital Management, chairman of the board of Universalbank, business analyst, an expert in the securities market, as well as in the development and analysis of development strategy. Anvar Irchaev has extensive experience in the areas of strategic consulting, investment banking, asset management in international financial organizations (Germany, Russia).

A.A. Irchaev holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the Hamburg University of Economics and Politics.

Work experience of A. Irchaev before appointment to Orient Capital Management:

Head of Customer Relations and Marketing Department at Deutscher Investment Trust, Moscow (DIT);

Member of the Equity Capital Markets Team at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein (Frankfurt am Main), equity capital raising activities for corporate clients;

McKinsey & Co., a leading international strategic consulting, analysis and development strategy company for European banking and insurance groups such as ING Group Aegon, Credit Suisse, Allianz Group and others.

Timur Abdukayumov

Timur Abdukayumov is an entrepreneur, co-founder of Batiskaf Consulting. He has over 15 years of experience. Prior to starting the business, he worked in the Intersok Group of Companies and the Center for Economic Research under the Office of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Timur graduated from the State Technical University in 2008, the Institute of Oil and Gas Management (Uzbekistan), and in 2017 the Professional Management Program (PMP) at the Uzbek-Japanese Center for Human Resources Development (Uzbekistan).

His competence includes the areas of project management, building effective business processes, organizational development of companies with different types of activities – from industry to services.

Muzaffar Kasimov

Музаффар Касимов — соучредитель группы компаний HM Partners.

Окончил Университет Мировой Экономики и Дипломатии (2001), Ташкентский Государственный Институт Востоковедения (2003), Бизнес-школу “Сколково” (2017), обладает сертификатом программы Бизнес-практикум.
До бизнеса работал в Министерстве Иностранных Дел РУз и нескольких проектах UNDP, направленных на социальное развитие и сокращение бедности.

Музаффар Касимов – опытный управленец с высокоразвитыми аналитическими навыками и сильным потенциалом для создания, планирования и реализации бизнес-проектов. Сертифицированный Независимый директор при содействии Российской Федерации. Высококвалифицированный специалист с опытом работы в импортно-экспортной отрасли и финансах. Специалист в области бизнес-планирования, аналитических навыков, развития бизнеса, международной торговли и туризма.

Валентина Прокофьева

Предприниматель, соучредитель Batiskaf Consulting. Имеет опыт работы более 13 лет. До открытия своего бизнеса работала в Группе компаний  HM Partners, а ранее в Центре экономических исследований при аппарате Президента РУз и в Проекте ПРООН “Содействие модернизации, ускорению реформ и трансформации”. Также является сооснователем исследовательского проекта по подготовке Стратегии развития столицы «Ташкент 2025: трансформация».

В 2010 году закончила магистратуру Национального университета Узбекистана по зарубежной филологии, в 2014 году – академию международных коммерческих чиновников при Министерстве коммерции КНР по курсу “Модели экономического развития евроазиатских стран” (КНР), в 2017 – программу профессионального менеджмента (PMP) при Узбекско-японском центре развития людских ресурсов (Узбекистан).

Компетенции Валентины лежат в сфере проектного управления, стратегического развития, управления персоналом и маркетинговых исследований рынка.

Alisher Djabbarov 

Alisher Djabbarov is Candidate of Medical Sciences. He graduated with distinction the Tashkent Medical Institute in the specialty of otolaryngologist. Alisher completed 2-year fellowship and 3-year master’s degree at TMI. Since 1994 he is in the pharm business. He used to work in a private company “Pharmed” as a Head of International Affairs. Alisher used to be a Head of the office of the large company “TEVA”(Israel) for about 10 years. TEVA is counted among the top 15 companies over the world. During 5 years he was leading the representative company “JB Chemical and Pharmaceutical Laboratories”. During this time, Alisher traveled to many countries of the world and underwent many annual trainings. Nowadays Alisher is busy with his own company “Alinfarm”. He is spearheading the pharm marketing and providing services to foreign partners. “Alinfarm Medical” wholesale pharmaceutical company which has direct and reliable connections with such companies as “Johnson&Johnson”, “Fresenius Kabi” and etc.

Maksud Abdusamadov  

His career began in 1994 which was in banking. Maksud used to work as deputy head of the Planning Office at JSCB Ipak Yuli (1994-97) and as Director of the Treasury Department (1998-99) as Chairman of the Board at PJSCB Business Bank (2000-03) and as Chairman of the Board at JSCB Kapitalbank (2004-11). Maksud worked as Banking Advisor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan in 1999 as General Director of JV LLC Prime Ceramics (2011-14) as Advisor of LLC BIF CONSULTING (2015-17) and as General Director of  LLC LIDER LIZING (2017-19). He also worked on the Supervisory Board of Kapitalbank JSCB (Chairman of 2011-2016), Infinbank JSCB (Chairman of 2017-2019).