BSc (Hons) – Tourism and Hotel Management
Duration of the Program
Tuition Fees per Year
4 years
8 semesters

38 348 000 UZS
Who is this Program for?
BSc (Hons) – Tourism and Hotel Management is designed for all students who wish to gain necessary knowledge and skills in working the ever-exciting tourism and hospitality industries. This program offered at TEAM University with its international partner American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) provides both theory and practical skills that are not only valid and necessary in Uzbekistan but also recognized globally. Graduates can launch their own businesses as well as can easily be integrated to the industry wherever they like.

Applicants with a positive attitude and the right motivation are welcome to apply to this program.

Awards: This is a double-degree program providing American and Uzbek recognition. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will receive a Bachelor’s Degree (BSc Hons in Tourism and Hotel Management) from TEAM University and an Associate Degree (AAS in Tourism and Hotel Management) from AHLEI. Moreover, for each of the 12 AHLEI courses students successfully complete they will get an international certification.

Distinctive Features of the Program
Distinctive Features of the Program
Opportunity to develop skill set that is internationally certified and recognized
Development of critical understanding of international tourism and hospitality industry
Opportunity to get hands-on experience during internships at 3 stages of your studies
Be part of the Uzbek vision of diversifying it’s economy by utilizing its inherent hospitality and culture
Applicants must have studied a broad range of subjects and have a general certificate of secondary education or equivalent, e.g. for applicants studying in Uzbekistan, the equivalents include:
● Certificate of General Secondary Education (O’rta Ma’lumot To’g’risida Attestat)
● Diploma of Secondary Specialised Education (Akademik Litsey Diplomi)
● Diploma of Professional Education (Kasb-Hunar Kolleji Diplomi)
International students will be considered for admission through assessment of their submitted documentation pertinent to previous education.

Applicants will normally have to be 16 years of age by the 1st of October of the academic year applied for.
Applicants must have:
● Grade C or above in GCSE level English from an English medium of instruction secondary school or equivalent; or
Achieved a pass mark (40%) on the TEAM English Test; or
● An IELTS score of 5.5 with no less than 5.0 in the writing component*; or
● Achieved a pass mark on a TEAM recognised English language programme at the Pre-Foundation, Foundation or higher level.

* We accept the following equivalents for IELTS (Overall 5.5; Writing 5.0):
– Cambridge English (Overall 162; Writing 154);
– TOEFL iBT (Overall 72; Writing 14);
– Duolingo (90);
– Alternative certificates will be considered on an individual basis.
Transfer of credits allows credits awarded by another HE Institution to contribute to the credit required for an TEAM University award. Applicants will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Consideration of any request for transfer of credits will only be confirmed against an official transcript, and particular attention will be paid to grades achieved and number of attempts at the assessments.
Program Learning Outcomes
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Who will teach me?
Asst. Prof. Dr. Akmal Khudaykulov
D. in Management Science, Wuhan University of Technology
Master of Management, Fergana Polytechnic Institute
Bachelor of Economics, Fergana Polytechnic Institute
Prof. Dr. Alex Candor
Who will teach me?
D. in Marketing, SFSU/Gazi University
MBA, Ankara University
A. in Economics, Gazi University
Teaching and Assessment Strategy
Teaching, Learning and Assessment strategy for course assumes gradual progression on recognized globally theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

In Year 1, students will be provided with the fundamental knowledge of business as well as tourism and hospitality which would serve as a base for the further studies and during their first internship after the completion of Year 1. year 2 courses provide a focus on operational side of tourism and hospitality industry by applying the theoretical knowledge students got from the previous year and combining internship experience. Accordingly, during Year 3 students will have a deeper knowledge of managerial and supervisory issues. Providing them with wide-variety of sectorial focus while maintaining the connective tissue with the industry by drawing from their second internship at the mid-level positions.

Final year provides more focus on managerial topics so as to prepare students for supervisory positions by adding value through additional language as well as research courses.

During this course, students will learn to apply gained theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills, as well as implement social responsibility concepts together with ethical behavior and sustainability in launching new businesses in tourism industry; be able to assess tourism and hospitality skills’ influence in the given society and target community; employ interpersonal skills while working both individually and in a team, so that to motivate oneself and others in tourism and hospitality industry by demonstrating effectiveness and self-awareness; demonstrate the applicability of theoretical knowledge along with the practical skills by combining international professionalism in order to create superior customer experience. Furthermore, illustrate the understanding of integrated procedures to launch and manage a hospitality venture by acknowledging cross-national differences in serving guests/customers.

Where will I Study?
The course is delivered on TEAM University campus at 146, Temur Malik Street, Tashkent.
First year courses will provide a general introduction to the higher education courses (business and TH) that will be the base for the further studies.
  • Contemporary Global Issues in TH
  • Economics and Math for the Modern World (TH cases)
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Introduction to Organization, Enterprise and Management
  • Digital Business Basics
  • 100 The Lodging and Food Service Industry
  • 103 Hospitality Today: An Introduction

Followed by 200 hours of entry level internship at 4- or 5-star hotels (or equivalent tourism companies)
These courses dive in the detailed operational side of the TH industries. Utilizing what students experienced during their internship and combining them to the theoretical knowledge.
  • 241 Management of Food and Beverage Operations
  • 245 Food Safety: Managing with the HACCP System
  • 333 Managing Front Office Operations
  • 338 Managing Housekeeping Operations
  • Fundamentals of Food Production
  • Supplementary Language 1 (Arabic / Chinese / German / Spanish)
  • Delivering Service Quality
  • Introduction to Tourism and Events
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Uzbek Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Followed by 200 hours of mid-level internship at 4- or 5-star hotels (or equivalent tourism companies).
Courses starting with year 3 focus on the supervisory and managerial issues. Providing them with wide-variety of sectorial focus while maintaining the connective tissue with the industry by drawing from their second internship at the mid-level positions.
  • 260 Hospitality Industry Financial Accounting
  • 349 Managing Service in Food and Beverage Operations
  • 391 Understanding Hospitality Law
  • Events and Exhibition Management
  • Digital Marketing and Public Relations for Hospitality and Tourism
  • Tourism Planning and Development
  • Strategic Management for Hospitality and Tourism
  • Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Hospitality Industries
  • Supplementary Language 2 (Arabic / Chinese / German / Spanish)
  • Academic Research & Writing 1: Theory

Followed by Managerial/Supervisory Placement at 4- or 5-star hotels (or equivalent tourism companies).

Final year of the program contains courses that focus more on the managerial topics aiming to prepare the students for possible supervisory entry level positions. Moreover, additional language and research courses will add value to our students.
  • 250 Supervision in the Hospitality Industry
  • 472 Hospitality Sales and Marketing
  • 468 Managing Technology in the Hospitality Industry
  • Hospitality Operations & Control Management
  • Tourism Policy and Planning
  • Cross-Cultural Understanding and Management
  • Trends and Innovation in Hospitality and Tourism
  • Enterprise Project in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Managing the Crisis Management
  • Academic Research & Writing 2: Dissertation
The TEAM University campus is located at: Tashkent, Temur Malik Street, 146.
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The TEAM University campus is located at: Tashkent, Temur Malik Street, 146.

+998 71 200 20 60
+998 71 202 30 31