Academic cooperation
TEAM University is an international university that delvers programmes in partnership with London South Bank University (LSBU). TEAM is a vibrant international community with academic staff members from the UK, Brazil, India, Uzbekistan and Algeria working with a diverse student population, local and international businesses, enterprises and industry.
TEAM University is open for a cooperation and partnerships with academic and research institutions, funding organizations, and business entities.
The International Relations Office manages cooperation, partnerships and international relations at TEAM University. The objective the Office is to develop and coordinate all activities focused on projecting and promoting cooperation with the international and local community.

Key tasks of the Office include:
• formulating and implementing the strategic plan in the area of development of international relations of TEAM University both in terms of academic programs and extracurricular activities;
• consolidating and increasing membership in regional and international networks and associations;
• preparing and evaluating of Agreements and MoUs with Universities and international business entities regionally and globally;
• contacting with international organizations, embassies and universities;
• framing, administering, and promoting grant programs with such international organizations as the Erasmus +, DAAD, the British Council, and others;
• administering and promoting staff and student mobility;
• serving Partnership Board with LSBU and other partners;
• providing information to students and staff on international mobility opportunities;
• helping international students and staff settling in Uzbekistan and integrating with the University environment;
• dealing with international entrepreneurial organizations to promote TEAM University staff and students’ business ideas;
• monitoring and assessment of the international engagements.
The TEAM University campus is located at: Tashkent, Temur Malik Street, 146.
+998 71 200 20 60
+998 71 202 30 31
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The TEAM University campus is located at: Tashkent, Temur Malik Street, 146.

+998 71 200 20 60
+998 71 202 30 31