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Frequently Asked Questions
TEAM is a university which has no analogues in Uzbekistan yet. The idea of a business university is being implemented for the first time, so direct comparisons with other universities are incorrect. While we will also issue a British diploma similar to leading universities, the format of education, work with skills, the teaching staff will be fundamentally different. Our main goal is to create an atmosphere in which the most enterprising, creative people who think “out of the box” will be born. We would like to remind you that the founders of TEAM are successful entrepreneurs, whose environment consists of the same people who go to work every day and risk everything they have. We will teach you to think like winners from the very first year. We believe that there are many positive changes in higher education in Uzbekistan, other universities are also working on themselves, we respect their work, however, with TEAM we guarantee you a fascinating journey of analogues that you have never had before.
The concept of an entrepreneurial university is not new in itself and has been actively used in the university environment of developed countries since the end of the last century. An entrepreneurial university is a natural incubator, it tries to provide an enabling environment in which the university community can explore, evaluate and use ideas that can be transformed into social and economic entrepreneurial initiatives. Business universities engage in partnerships, networks and other relationships to create an umbrella for interaction, collaboration and cooperation.
Hence, our goals are to raise graduates with a systematic, entrepreneurial mindset. We aim to prepare competitive and technologically advanced graduates who will be able to create startups and bring domestic products and services to foreign markets. The curriculum of our university will be based, on the one hand, on the development of “soft” skills (entrepreneurial thinking, leadership, creativity, information analysis) and, on the other hand, will provide solid fundamental knowledge and consolidate it in practice.
Foundation Course is the first year of study at TEAM, we have already described it in detail in one of the previous answers. This course focuses on business fundamentals, language skills, and other soft skills needed to continue your studies at our university. In the years to come, students will choose to specialize in a range of subjects and courses.

After completing the Foundation Course, students will choose one of 3 entrepreneurial Bachelor programmes, which are:
• BA (Hons) – International Business
• BA (Hons) – Marketing
• BA (Hons) – Digital Innovations

All these courses are validated by London South Bank University.
All courses will be compulsory in the 1st year. Students can choose extracurricular activities (clubs, debates, etc.). From the 2nd year students have the opportunity to choose the study direction and several optional modules.
Both foreign and local instructors will be involved in training.
The main selection criterion will be a strong theoretical background plus practical experience.
It is important to note that in contrast to classical universities, most of the educational process will involve entrepreneurs, with whom students will have the opportunity to obtain knowledge not only in the academic environment, but also in the form of games, business cases, game simulations. The whole educational process will also be based on giving students the opportunity to freely express their thoughts and opinions and develop their own projects. Business practitioners will act as mentors and lead them to the result through their advice and coaching.
There will be no dormitory in the first year, but the university will help you find affordable accommodation for students. Depending on the number of requests received, the administration may arrange to rent a place near the TEAM University building. A new housing estate has been formed surrounded by 5-10 minutes walking distance from the university, with all the necessary amenities for living, eating and leisure of students
Yes, (IELTS 5.5 Overall or equivalent, as TOEFL, Duolingo or TEAM Entry Exam). The language of instruction at TEAM University is English and all subjects are taught in English. In this regard, knowledge of English is essential. It is important to note that we are aimed at the comprehensive development of our students, so opportunities will be created to develop Uzbek, Russian and other foreign languages.
The university is located on Temur Malik St. 146, near the former TAPOiCh (intersection of Maktumkuli and Parkentskaya Streets), on the site of the Technoplaza IBC building
Tuition fee per 1 academic year at TEAM is 38 348 000 UZS. TEAM offers installment payments up to 8 months (applicants will need to complete an application form). Moreover, we offer variety of discounts for those, who want to accomplish payment in advance. More detailed information on tuition fee and discounts.
Yes, our goal is to actively involve our founders in the learning process. The founders’ network will also allow for the involvement of other leading entrepreneurs and professionals in different fields. We plan to present cases (case-study) based on their companies, so that students can immerse themselves in the practical aspects of their work and give concrete suggestions. So far, Zafar Khashimov, one of the Founders of TEAM University, is already teaching Level 3 and 4 students at TEAM.
Traditionally, in Uzbekistan under the higher education it is planned to study for 4 years for the Bachelor’s degree. At the same time, in the first year, which is equated to the Foundation Course under the British system, students will study modules including presentation skills, critical thinking skills, ability to work with literature, basics of business and entrepreneurship, negotiating skills, along with improving the level of academic English. In addition, we will intensively add the ability to communicate with entrepreneurs and practitioners from different fields, so that students can draw conclusions for themselves about which areas of entrepreneurship they like. Internships are planned during the training.
TEAM University is a private business university and there are no budget slots. However, there will be a transparent system of scholarships provided by both the university itself and its sponsors. At the moment, TEAM University offers 4 types of scholarships for applicants and 2-3-4 year students, such as Hackathon scholarships, Employer’s Choice company scholarships, Merit-based scholarships and State scholarships. You may find more detailed information on our scholarships here.
In the first year of study TEAM University will offer 3 types of scholarships: Hackathon scholarships (up to 50% of fee waiver per year), Employer’s Choice company scholarships (up to 50% of fee waiver per year) and State scholarships (100% fee waiver for 4 years). TEAM University’s values imply social responsibility and a strong desire to support talented people. Subscribe to our official channels, follow the news on scholarships every day.
TEAM University runs 2 intakes per year: Autumn and Winter Intakes. Admissions for Autumn Intake 2022-2023 will start on March 1st, 2022.
The main subjects for which credits are awarded (part of the compulsory British system) will be taught in English. However, students are not prohibited from speaking other languages outside the classroom, such as communication with business people, guest speakers, and extracurricular activities (clubs, theme meetings, informal and offsite events). We believe that our students, as citizens of the world, should be able to communicate freely in several languages
The university provides all employment opportunities and support, but the final decision rests with the employer and the student. The university will organize mentoring sessions from professionals in different fields who are interested in talented people. Job fairs will also be held. TEAM Founding Entrepreneurs will use their personal network to provide direct communication with different industries. There will also be a Career Centre at the University on a permanent basis, as well as a Business Incubator, which will also organize practical work where students will present their projects to real investors. All this will significantly increase the chances of students having several job offers before completing their studies. At the same time, it is important to note that a lot will depend on the personal efforts of the student.
As an alternative for IELTS, TOEFL and Duolingo tests, TEAM University offers applicants to pass the TEAM Entry English Language Exam. Dates of the entry exams will be announced on TEAM’s official channels on March 1st, 2022. There are no any supplementary exams at TEAM, as Maths or Logic.
Good level of English (IELTS 5.5 / TEAM Entry Exam Pass Mark or equivalent) and a high school diploma. After, applicants have to pass through a mandatory Interview.
We sincerely believe that in order to become a true professional or successful entrepreneur it is necessary to travel a lot, know the world, pump up skills and competencies, have experience of volunteer work, train in different companies.
Strong connection with the expert community in different countries, the ecosystem of entrepreneurship, business leaders of the country is one of our strengths.
Career center and Students’ Union at TEAM, starting from the first years of training, will organize international exchange programs, plan regular trips within Uzbekistan and abroad, in the form of team building, sessions, simulations, charity events, internships at the production facilities.
In addition, there are a lot of permanent fellowships, internships grants and summer internships in the world. The task will be to acquaint students with these opportunities, to assist them in filling out the questionnaires, to train to fill out the form themself, to prepare them for independent life and career choice.
It is possible, if the admission requirements for the course are met. Our Admissions Office will review your application form and provide a final decision to you in 3-4 weeks. It is possible to transfer your studies from both State and International Universities in Uzbekistan, as well as applying to TEAM from overseas. Applicants may apply for transfering their studies to Level 4 and 5 (2nd and 3rd year of studies at TEAM University).
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