Students’ Union
Student’s Union Council
The most dynamic and enthusiastic students are elected to become members of the Student’s Union Council. They dedicate a lot of their time and efforts to provide the whole student community with opportunities, fairness, and a voice. The roles are endless. They represent students’ concerns, views, and aspirations and defend students’ rights and privileges. Students’ Union initiates campaigns, organises events, facilitates clubs and student societies. TEAM Students’ Union can influence the academic decisions as well. The President and General Secretary of the Students’ Union are members of the Academic Council, where they have a Vito power.
Students’ Union representatives can hold a position for one year and elected by the entire student community. Election process is open and transparent and organized every April to select Students’ Union Council to be active in the following academic year.
During 2020-2021 academic year an interim Students’ Union Council is organised by selecting the most active and committed students.

Student feedback

My name is Amir and I am a student of TEAM university. During first excursion in university, impressions was very high. And when I started to study at this university I didn’t regret because i was satisfied and still I’m satisfied that university is good not only outside, but inside too. Learning system is very grammatical and I’m glad that it is foreign and verified.
Amirkhon Nadjimiddinov
My name is Bekhruz and I am one of the first students of TEAM University, which has already become a significant part of our lives. What I really love in it is the fantastic atmosphere and our tutors, since all are optimistic and encouraging . Also, I should mention that here, almost every day I discover something new for myself. Thanks to it I can not only improve my current plans and projects, but also generate new ideas.
I study at TEAM University and I am very happy about it. It was my conscious choice and I have never regretted it. We studied at the university for almost one semester and I have already discovered teamwork, the basics of business and proper communication. Our university constantly contributes to our development and for this I love it.
Sayidazimkhon Asrorkhujayev
TEAM University is something bigger than just a place to study. I really love this place cause here i’ve met really creative, sincere, polymathic people.
In this uni you will find out who you really are and also who you want to be. Pretty sure that you’ll find your place by joining our TEAM.
Team University promotes the spirit of inquiry, which helps the students to think critically and take responsibility for our actions. Furthermore, our main purpose from studies here is to open and scale our own businesses. So I really appreciate that we have practical advice available from actual entrepreneurs and experienced professionals.
Temurbek Khaydarov
The TEAM University campus is located at: Tashkent, Temur Malik Street, 146.
+998 71 200 20 60
+998 71 202 30 31
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The TEAM University campus is located at: Tashkent, Temur Malik Street, 146.

+998 71 200 20 60
+998 71 202 30 31