Minimum admission requirements for International Foundation Course

It is recommended that you use your personal computers to fill in the application form.

Previous education requirements

Applicants must have studied a broad range of subjects and have a general certificate of secondary education (UK GCSE) or equivalent, e.g. for applicants studying in Uzbekistan, the equivalents include:

● Certificate of General Secondary Education (O’rta Ma’lumot To’g’risida Attestat)
● Diploma of Secondary Specialised Education (Akademik Litsey Diplomi)
● Diploma of Professional Education (Kasb-Hunar Kolleji Diplomi)

International students will be considered for admission through assessment of their submitted documentation pertinent to previous education.

TEAM English Entry Exam

TEAM English Entry Exam to Foundation Course is an alternative option of IELTS (Duolingo and TOEFL) tests. The exam will consist of 3 sections that altogether will take around 1 hour 40 minutes.


1. Writing Section will last for 40 minutes and will include one task.

2. Reading Section will last for 30 minutes and may include texts of differing length and complexity. The questions may include matching tasks, short-answer questions and note completion.

3. Use of English consists of the 20 items and the recommended time for this section is 30 minutes.


Exam cost (for one attempt) – 250 000 UZS. Payment can be made at the TEAM University Campus or via Payme Mobile Applicaton (link).


Register for TEAM English Entry Exam via this link.

Calendar of TEAM English Entry Exam dates for 2022


Entry Interview Requirements

     •  Register for the Interview date via this link

     •  Interview will be with 15 minutes long

     •  Applicants will be interviewed on the following areas:

               o Language
               o Personality
               o TEAM University and industry awareness

     •  Jury members will consist of Admissions Officers, Industry Officer and Administration Officer

     •  Interview weights 30 % of the Overall pass mark for the University

Interview requirements from candidates

1. Candidate presentation and & Text summary in English

      Candidate is able to introduce him/herself

      Candidate relates comprehensibly the main points he/she wants to make

      Candidate shows fluent, spontaneous expression in clear, well-structured speech

2. Getting acquainted – Introductory questions

    Candidate relates adequatly past experiences
    Candidate is able to employ critical analysis and judgment when reflecting upon experiences
    Candidate backs up his/her assertions with concrete examples
      Getting acquainted – Hobbies & mindset
    Candidate is curious of his/her surroundings, student life
    Candidate adheres to TEAM values or has potential to (Excellence, Passion, Teamwork, Forward Thinking, Learning)

3. University and industry awarness

      Candidate is motivated by joining TEAM University
      Awareness of TEAM values? Inclusivity and Equity of Treatment for All, Transparency and Honest, Critical Engagement and
       Integrity, Learning to Fail –To Value Success
     • Candidate is motivated by entrepreneurial work


4. Overall Impression 

      Responsibility and accountability for mistakes
      Eagerness to learn, to explore and grow



English language requirement

Applicants must have:
● Grade C or above in GCSE level English from an English medium of instruction secondary school or equivalent; or
● An IELTS score of 5.5 with no less than 5.0 in the writing component* or other English Language Test recognised by TEAM; or
● Achieved a pass mark (40%) on the TEAM English Entry Examination; or
● Achieved a pass mark on a TEAM recognised English language programme at the Pre-Foundation, Foundation or higher level.


* We accept the following equivalents for IELTS (Overall 5.5; Writing 5.0):
– Cambridge English (Overall 162; Writing 154);
– TOEFL iBT (Overall 72; Writing 14);
– Duolingo (90);
– Alternative certificates will be considered on an individual basis.

Age requirement

Applicants will normally have to be 16 years of age by the 1st of October of the academic year applied for.

Documents required for application:


• 3.5 x 4.5 digital photo (maximum 2MB);
• Scanned copy of your passport (including a page containing the permanent address of residence – only for citizens of Uzbekistan) or “Qayd Varag’i” form (Upload a Qayd Varag’i form that you can receive on;
• Scanned copy of IELTS, TOEFL certificates or equivalents equivalent TEAM English Entrance Examination:
• If you have not taken TEAM English Entrance Examination, booking and payment confirmation should be done . Click here to register for TEAM English Entry Examination;
 • If you already have taken your exam, please upload scanned copy of TEAM English Entrance Examination Certificate.
• Scanned copy of secondary education diploma and transcripts (or letter confirming your graduation this year);
• The format of scanned electronic documents must be .jpeg, .jpg or .png.


*The process of checking and verifying applications and documents of applicants takes 5 working days from the date of submission by applicants.

Step-by-step video instruction on application to TEAM University Registration System

Watch this video to learn how to register in TEAM University Admission System and how to upload all documents needed for entering TEAM University.

If you have any questions, please approach us via this contact number: +99871 2002060