Wellbeing support functions

At TEAM University we provide psychological assistance to all students who are interested in personal development and want to challenge fears, overcome both personal problems and problems related to academic performance.

Students may apply for help of our Wellbeing Officer in two directions: psychological and mentoring. Psychological support implies encouragement, motivation and help in resolving wide range of problems. These are:

  • Interpersonal relationships (effective communication with fellow students, teachers, colleagues);
  • Personal life problems (cases related to family members, close friends etc.);
  • Emotional sphere (coping with fears, stress, anxiety, depression);
  • Difficulties in dealing with crisis situations in life;
  • Problems of personal self-realization;


Mentoring sessions incorporate help in resolving academic performance problems (studying and development issues) and improving involvement in student life, including attendance. Questions and suggestions for optimizing the learning process can also be considered in this regard. Students have opportunities for active interaction throughout the consultation process and support with qualitive feedback.

If students need help, we uplift the spirit and care about psycho-emotional well-being!


Contacts: shakhnoza.ergasheva@teamuni.uz

Shakhnoza Ergasheva

Psychologist, Wellbeing Officer and Mentor

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