Welcome to TEAM University!
Welcome to TEAM University!
Alisher Khasanov - Rector
I would like to welcome everyone with the opening of the first entrepreneurial private university in Uzbekistan and the beginning of the first 2020-21 academic year at TEAM University. I would also like to extend a warm welcome to all our new students, faculty and staff. In particular, our students, who have decided to join TEAM University, will become part of the entrepreneurial environment and will get a unique experience and opportunities in implementing their most daring ideas. The exceptional balance of excellence of our academic staff and the best local and international entrepreneurs, backed by a professional administrative team, makes us such an impressive university with high-quality academic programs, exceptional teaching support services, advanced teaching methods and application practices.

Our academic programmes, with our entrepreneurial philosophy and cutting-edge approach, supported by our UK-based academic partner London South Bank University (LSBU), which has been named Entrepreneurial University of the Year* and is part of the Top 1000 universities worldwide*, will help our students immerse themselves in a project-based learning environment from day one. All those who join the university will receive invaluable experience from practitioners, business owners, access to the business community both in Uzbekistan and abroad, represented by international experts who support and contribute to its development.

With the LSBU diploma and the local one, our graduates can easily find jobs in Uzbekistan and around the world. Our Career Center, Business Incubator will support and guide our students from their first year of study, create conditions for incubation of entrepreneurial ideas, their implementation into startups and real business projects based on experience and research, it is a special task through which TEAM University supports innovation and dissemination of best practices.

In its first year of foundation and in the years to follow, TEAM University will work hard to create an effective learning ecosystem, increase its campus every year, and develop institutionally at all levels, taking great responsibility for such a significant grand social project aimed at bringing change to higher education in Uzbekistan. I am grateful to all of you who have supported us with actions and initiatives and dedicated your energy and experience, which open new opportunities for our students and improve the quality of TEAM University. I look forward to our first academic year and look forward to a great and exciting academic year at TEAM University.

I wish you a great academic year.
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