There’s more to the university experience than classes, as many graduates can attest. One of the most important elements is an active social life. A single-minded focus on academics hinders one of the most important matters of university experience, which is the ability to meet and interact with people from various backgrounds.  Social Life is extremely important especially for the first-year students. It helps to develop a network of friends, participate in different clubs and societies, to be involved into cultural, entertainment, and sport activities.

TEAM students have rich, interesting, and versatile student life.  They are actively involved into different extra-curricular activities,  among them are student clubs:



Clubs and Societies Activity
InnoTEAM This society is going to act as business incubator and accelerator. It will support student Start Ups with different kind of services, starting from Ideation workshops and Bootcamps and finishing with finding potential donors for business projects realization
Tourism Tourism is a very dynamic part of UZ economic development. This club would offer opportunities to develop new types of internal and external touristic destinations.
Reading Club This club would provide opportunity to introduce with masterpieces of international and local literature
Art and Design Will introduce students with artistic and design methods, provides knowledge and skill in different types of art and design concepts
Programming Project IT enhanced project, which would give additional IT skills, including new languages of programming
Academic and Creative Writing Will improve English writing skills of students
Media Club Innovative student TV and radio station, which would have multiple tasks: from reporting about student activities in Team to worldwide news coverage. It will make an impact towards mindful society, to consult professional cinematographers, to gain wide acknowledgment locally and abroad.
Music Club Student would be able to meet regularly and develop their music, singing and dancing abilities to enrich cultural life of the university.
Sport Clubs Different sport clubs is essential part of the TEAM, their number would depend upon sport interests of students.
Entrepreneurial Society This society would provide “hands on”  working experiences and interactions with successful entrepreneurs and small business owners who assist in the development and review of student business plans
Urban Landscaping This club is vital, due to entrepreneurs are responsible for development of the physical environment where their business is located, in order to create the most convenient conditions as for their employees as well as potential clients.
Ecology Club This Club is going to produce and utilize different environmental projects, developed by students and also provide basic knowledge about UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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