Circular Economy and Entrepreneurship

Circular Economy emerged as an alternative to linear economy which traditionally we have been practicing for centuries. Linear economy is not sustainable and the increasing rate of demand for  limited resources has already started drawing a dystopian picture of the near future.  The concept of Circular Economy represents all aspects of sustainability in economic and social behavior including education, legal structure, political norms, manufacturing, consumption, technology and our relationship with the environment. Entrepreneurship and its education are key factors in capturing new business opportunities in the new realm of Circular economy. The highlights of the CE concept are recycling, sustainability, renewable energy, access (sharing) economy and reusability.


The program of the 7th annual
Global Entrepreneurship Week in Uzbekistan
(27 November – 1 December, 2023)

Day 1


General concept of Circular Economy


Day 2


Projects in Internatioanl Organization


Day 3


Sustainable entrepreneurship

Day 4


Recycle, Reuse and Reduce

Day 5


Sharing Economy Companies



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