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Job Description for academic staff ✅
🔹 Responsibilities:
To undertake teaching, subject development, research and related administration on a range of programs, in the areas of Academic English, Economics, Study skills, Entrepreneurship, Mathematics and Organizational Behavior.

🔹 Requirements:
- Teaching experience in the HE sector and/or an understanding of the requirements for teaching in;
- H.E. in an international environment;
- Master’s degree in the area of Linguistics, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Math and Statistics, Business and Management;
- Professional experience in the area of business and entrepreneurship highly desirable;
- A specialist interest in teaching and research;
- Evidence of commitment to innovation in course development and delivery;
- Evidence of awareness of professional interest and scholarly activity in the area;
- Research potential in the subject area, evidence of current scholarly and/or professional activity;
- Evidence of good interpersonal skills, including presentation and communication skills;
- Evidence of ability to undertake module and course leadership.

📨 Interested candidates are encouraged to apply through sending their CVs to e-mail: hr@teamuni.uz by 1 of June.
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