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The full version of Muzaffar Kasimov's interview

"First entrepreneurial" - the university for future businessmen is planned to open in Tashkent. The full version of Muzaffar Kasimov's interview, which was published on spot.uz
- At the moment, several private universities have already opened, and based on Concept 2030, there may be many more in the near future. What are the advantages of TEAM University?

- Our reputation in the business community as initiators of the project will allow us to actively involve leading domestic and foreign entrepreneurs into the educational process, as well as into special internship and employment programs for graduates. For TEAM University the actual connection between science and business environment is of paramount importance, that is why most of the university's research will be aimed at solving specific business tasks of domestic and foreign entrepreneurs. Our plans include the mandatory opening of an Applied Research Centre. There, students will be provided with opportunities to apply the knowledge gained and present their research to the country's leading entrepreneurs. The latter, in turn, will share their "pains" with the university so that students can offer them solutions through their research. Such interaction will result in students being immersed in the business processes of real enterprises even before their internship, gaining much needed future experience.

- Aren't you afraid that TEAM University will become "entrepreneurial" in the context of earning money at the expense of the quality of education?

- Of course not. We have long-term goals and are going to build a strong and positive brand of educational institution with which entrepreneurship, innovation and technology in different industries will be associated. At the initial stage of the project, a large-scale market research has been conducted, which includes social surveys, in-depth interviews and focus groups. Interviewees included higher education experts, applicants, students and parents. The research helped us to clearly define the areas of education in demand, the requirements of students and parents to the curriculum, teachers, the building of the future university, etc.

We are aware that any failure will discredit the entire nascent system of non-state higher education in Uzbekistan. Therefore, a lot of attention is paid from the very beginning to quality assurance at every stage. Once TEAM University is launched, an independent company and a partner university will be involved in the assessment of quality. The university will be strategically managed by a Board of Trustees, which will include people with the strongest expertise in education. Our main mission is to develop human capital and transfer local and international expertise.
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