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A university for the entrepreneurs of the future

As you know, TEAM University was recently awarded the title of Higher Education Institution (Cabinet Resolution No 241 of 18 April, available at https://lex.uz/ru/pdfs/4793534).

It's certainly a great joy for us. You all know our team, especially our partners. This: Zafar Hashimov, with more than 30 years of business experience. Zafar aka, a mathematician by education, an incredibly versatile person in life. Muzaffar Kasimov, partner at HM Partner's, with more than 12 years of experience in business, an expert in foreign economic activity, manager, Aquarius. In addition, Timur Abdukayumov and Valentina Prokofyeva. They are managers of Batiskaf Consulting and have been making a worthwhile contribution to this project for several years now, they are also co-founders of TEAM University. 

Speaking of the leaders of the university itself, the team leader is Alan France, a respected scientist and a great expert in education. A British citizen who has lived and worked in Uzbekistan for almost 18 years, Alan has been the First Vice-Chancellor of Westminster International University in Tashkent since its founding, the holder of the Order of the British Empire and a wonderful, sincere man. WIUT students love to stand in line in the canteen with him, play badminton with him without giving up, and drink tea with him, both with and without milk. According to student accounts, he is able to give simple advice that can change whole life. He is currently Chairman of the Board of Trustees at TEAM University.

Our other colleague is Alisher Khasanov. For many years, he worked as Vice-Rector for Finance at WIUT, and later for the prestigious international accounting company KPMG. He is a big fan of badminton (Apparently, we will have a sports ground for this sport), and an experienced teacher. Not few students have discovered the energetically rich world of corporate finance thanks to Alisher Hasanov. Now he has been appointed rector of our university.

Let us reflect, our project has become a clear reflection of the implementation of an entrepreneurial idea. Initially, a new idea is introduced into the consciousness of an entrepreneur, he begins to look for ways to implement it, feeds on inspiration and energy in the unexplored expanses of the soul and starts looking for tribesmen and like-minded people. The author of the idea faithfully believes in its successful implementation and convinces others. From here the path to the unknown begins. Ways in the end are very diverse, but all of them are definitely unforgettable. There will be trials, it is inevitable. The only difference is in the attitude to difficulties. People with entrepreneurial mindset get a strange kind of pleasure from challenges. They like the pleasant tiredness of constant search for solutions and opportunities, from experiments and discoveries, from pleasant victories and useful defeats. We are ready to accept the challenge and create something more. The state has allocated a significant credit of trust and support to our team, our initiatives. We, in turn, will apply all the multifaceted talents and vision of our team to the successful implementation of the project.

By the way, I have heard from several people that similar initiatives were implemented in Uzbekistan in the late 80s. Later, in the early 1990s, even some universities were established, but unfortunately, later they were closed for various reasons. It is true that our independence was not easy either. The fact remains that along with the achievements in education, we had shortcomings.

It is not necessary to go far, I was also an applicant and had difficulties in entering the university. Fortunately, my parents are visionary people who, although they have experienced difficulties in life, but still pay close attention to the value of science. A year before I entered university, they drew my attention to focusing on mathematics, English and other related subjects. 

I still remember the time I spent in 11th grade with regular classes and evening extracurricular activities. At that time, I was an excellent student at the Tashkent State Economic University Academic Lyceum. I thought: "Even if I get into NARKHOZ, it will be a big deal". At that time, there were rumours among people that it was impossible to enter the NARKHOZ without friends.

I was lucky that one day my father said: "Son, the university of diplomacy has opened. Why don't you go there and try your luck?" - and gave the right direction. Now my chief advisor, my father, is eighty years old. God give him health!

A couple of months ago there was an interesting conversation between father and son. We went to the doctor for a preventive check-up. We talked for about an hour before we waited for the doctor. I must say that the father loves the process of discussion in the context of intellectual exchange. He is not a philosopher, of course, but his thoughts make you think, causing the soul's thrill to lose a sense of time. In short, we have talked about Trump, Putin and the global economic crisis; it is difficult to recall an area of human life that we have not discussed.

My father has this habit: if he started talking about something, especially among his grandchildren, he can talk about everything for hours and hours: how many countries there are in the world, the most famous presidents in history, the complications of World War II, politics, economics. Right up to the history of the house, the yard, and the construction of the subway in our area.

Returning to our father-son talk, we had such a heated discussion that it seemed that my father was a little angry:

"Son, why are you keep arguing? You never say, "Okay. I'm your father. Give up," he said jokingly. 

"Father, you're the one who convinced me to go into diplomacy. As you can see, all this is the result of weekly debates, arguments about politics, economics, international relations. Isn't that right? What you sow, you reap, right?" - I was kidding. 

- Yeah, I should've advised you to go to "SELKHOZ"... ...you'd sit still without arguing with a man. At least you could have told me how to grow potatoes and onions," he said, expressing his pretend regret. 

We laughed together for about 15 minutes... The doctor who entered the room was surprised to see the first time he saw patients waiting with a big smile on his face. 

That's how we live: father and son, doctor and patient, son and motherland, entrepreneur with a fiery idea and a star team.  

By the way, if you don't mind, we'll continue with the education in our next topics...

Our next post will be about the university of entrepreneurship.
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