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Great news!🎉

Applicants holding an ‘Unconditional Offer’ from TEAM University are now able to apply for а ‘Celebration Scholarship’, which covers 35% of the total tuition fee for the International Foundation Course in 2020-2021 academic year at TEAM.📍📚

What do I need to do to receive this scholarship? 🤔

The scholarship procedure is very simple! All you need to do is after receiving an unconditional offer, write a statement of purpose or film a videoclip answering one of the following questions “Why TEAM University?” or " Why do I want to be an Enterpreneur"?

If you decide to write a statement of purpose, then you should aim at 300-400 words✅

If you decide to film a videoclip, we recommend to make it 2-5 minutes long. Upload the link of your video or essay to the registration system.✅

Good luck!
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