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The full version of Khasan Mamasaidov's interview

"First entrepreneurial" - the university for future businessmen is planned to open in Tashkent. The full version of Khasan Mamasaidov's interview, which was published on spot.uz
I would not say that any serious visible actions have already been taken in the higher education system. Yes, the emergence of Amiti, Webster, Yojo and other universities is a good sign of change that has not happened in the last 10 years. But I wish that the trend of opening private universities was the same as, for example, the opening of private schools and kindergartens. The opening of new universities has a positive impact not only on family businesses, but also on the whole business sector.

Ideally, private sector entities should chase graduates from prestigious universities, not vice versa. So that, as a result of hiring them, I could easily trust them with projects and teams, knowing that this new employee will bring something new and that he will not let me down.

Universities should train decent people for emerging businesses where they are motivated enough to achieve their life goals. These graduates must necessarily have "soft" skills, leadership skills, communicative skills, willingness to absorb new knowledge and teamwork. Business owners should not waste their time and energy trying to reeducate such skills.

The pain of the market is clearly reflected in the lack of personnel. And it's great that projects such as TEAM University, M Factor and GroundZero are trying to improve this situation on their own. But we have to be clear that the problems that have formed over a decade cannot be solved in a short period of time.
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