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Tuition Fees and scholarship criteria

Dear aplications, our most frequently asked questions are two: 

🔺 tuition fees
🔺 scholarship criteria

Information on the tuition fees, the form of payment, the system of grants will be available on the University website and pages in social networks on May 20, 2020. We see higher education as a 'social elevator' and therefore are currently developing a fair grant system aimed at talented young people from low-income families.

We would also like to inform you that the first year of study is called Foundation course. 

Traditionally, in Uzbekistan, under the higher education it is planned to study for 4 years for the title of bachelor. At the same time, in the first year, which is equated to the Foundation Level in the British system, students will study modules that will help them to master the British educational system. Thus, teaching will be conducted to improve the level of academic English, the ability to work with academic literature, strengthening presentation skills, critical thinking skills, the main subjects in the selected course and the basics of business and entrepreneurship. 
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