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Our academic team

We are starting a series of posts from TEAM University revealing the experience and background of our academic team. And today we will talk about Alan Peter France, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of TEAM University. 

Alan Peter France - Honoured with the Order of the British Empire, MBA, BA with Honours in Economics and Cert FE, ITP and CIM.

In 2002 Alan joined the University of Westminster as 1st Deputy Rector and was responsible for strategic development and for all academic matters, staff, academic support, academic administration, teaching resources, as well as the overall management and leadership infrastructure.

Alan left WIUT in January 2020 to become the Chair of a new international university - TEAM University, the first private university in Uzbekistan founded by a group of leading regional entrepreneurs. 

In 2011, Alan was awarded the Order of the British Empire by the Queen for his services to higher education in an international context.
Prior to joining the University of Westminster, Alan spent over 11 years as Dean of Lancashire Business School and Senior Business Consultant to major corporations on the development and implementation of technological change. As Dean, he was responsible for a number of international educational capacity building projects in Poland, Ukraine, Ethiopia, South Africa, and China, as well as overseeing the internationalization of the business school. His first step in international education took place in 1984 when he founded a network of business schools in the UK, Southern Germany, Southeast France and Northern Italy.
Alan teaches Business Strategy, and his research interests are focused on Transnational Education, with a focus on the management, regulation and reputation of Transnational Education Institutions as opposed to domestic institutions.  

Follow the news at TEAM University. Next, let us give you a closer look at the Rector of our university. 
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