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The full version of Nigora Akilova's interview

"First entrepreneurial" - the university for future businessmen is planned to open in Tashkent. The full version of Nigora Akilova's interview, which was published on spot.uz
If we talk about the most urgent, about low coverage, I always think about those who could not enter because of limited quotas. Few of them have life guidelines, which eventually lead to some of them going into the family business, or to low-paid jobs that do not require qualifications. And later on, these people quickly lose motivation because they have to work whoever they have to, not who they would like to. These are not only the risks associated with involvement in all kinds of extremist activities, but a very large untapped potential for the entire country. Therefore, in terms of increasing coverage, the emergence of new universities is a big plus.

Now about the risks. Among the risks, I see our people's propensity to buy diplomas. If the system is not properly built, there will be a large number of universities, which will only aim to give out diplomas. I believe that here the organ, which will be authorized to control such situations, should prevent such moments by studying foreign best practices.

I also believe that more specialized universities should be opened so that competition is not between the universities themselves, but between sectors of education.

I would like to speak separately about girls' education. Of course, girls get higher education, but of poor quality. Because most of them are focused on their diploma, not on their profession. They prepare for themselves a "safety cushion" for the future, because none of them know how family life is going to turn out. But for them, the priority is always family life, not career. And this leads to a very unhealthy tendency, to get a diploma instead of knowledge. I don't mean all the girls, but that's what most of them do. But still, the situation with higher education among girls is worse than the situation with education in the country as a whole.
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