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TEAM is now partners with VENKON!💻

Venkon is Uzbekistan’s market leader in business apps.

Venkon is at the heart of business management innovation, their solutions help thousands of businesses across the country to manage their internal resources more efficiently.⏳

On the basis of 1C products, Venkon creates impressive systems with customers that comprehensively solve the most complex and time-consuming tasks.📠

The number of TEAM University’s partners is growing day by day, as our university is seeking to provide the most valuable experience for our students during their undergraduate studies at TEAM.

Therefore, TEAM University students will have an opportunity to receive and attend all of the following:
• Internships at Venkon
• Guest lectures from specialists and employees of Venkon
• Business Workshops and practical trainings
• Joint Seminars, briefings, mentorships, forums for TEAM students
• Consultancy for TEAM students
• Problem-Based Learning

Apply now, and Join our TEAM!✅
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