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The full version of Zafar Khashimov's interview

"First entrepreneurial" - the university for future businessmen is planned to open in Tashkent. The full version of Zafar Khashimov's interview, which was published on spot.uz
- What do you think business needs from universities? How should curricula be changed so that graduates would be ready for real work?

- Businesses need specialists from universities, they need people who have certain skills and knowledge in a specific field, as well as soft skills. It means to be creative, to be able to work in a team, to learn quickly. Those industrially specific knowledge that we teach today, very quickly may become irrelevant. The world is changing, so specialists and employees need to be able to learn, be open to new things, have empathy, be adaptive, have a good reaction. Soft skills provide hard skills the opportunity to evolve with life that is changing. If before an engineer had some knowledge for his entire career and knew what he would be doing for the next 30 years, now in the next 10 years 50% of the specialties may disappear. Perhaps someone will be replaced by artificial intelligence, there will be professions of the future that we do not yet know about.

I'm not a big curriculum specialist. I just want to say that educational institutions should be much closer to the real industry that they teach. That is, medical universities should be a part of big clinics, where every day practice takes place, business universities should be close to the industry they teach. And now, for example, students who have studied finance or management (and we really need them) have studied with textbooks that do not fit today's needs. And they have to be retrained. It is good that they taught some basic things, but it does not cost 4 years of life and so much money.

- What kind of skills do today's graduates lack?

- I believe that the most important thing that can be done for students is not to spoil their curiosity, to bring up the right expectations in students. It is very important that university professors also study all the time. If they think that what they have learned is enough for them and it will be enough for the rest of their careers, it is wrong. As long as faculty, textbooks and programs do not change in step with the times, we will not have the specialists we want.
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