Our team

Alan France

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Until December 2019, he served as First Vice President of WIUT. He has unique experience in adapting and implementing British educational programs.

Alisher Khasanov


Until January 2020, he worked at KPMG and served as Vice-Rector of WIUT. Currently, he is working on his doctoral thesis.

Aleksey Semenov

Deputy Rector for Administration of Educational process

He holds a master's degree from the University of Cambridge and used to be a Head of Academic Department at WIUT.

Olga Park
Director on Talents
Key experience - HR in Huawei - 2 years, GM Powertrain Uzbekistan - 8.5 years, Tashkent Metallurgical Plant - 2 years. Diploma - UzGUMYA.

Regina Caleta

Head of Admission and registrars office

Administrative work in higher education (training department). Bachelor - Psychology
Anvar Nizamov
Senior lecturer
Diploma - 2002-2004. Master of Business Administration Program, Uzbek-American Academy, 1998-1999 Master of International Business, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, England.
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