TEAM Incubator is a special unit under TEAM University that will assist the students to form their own startup projects and bring those to the implementation process.

How it works: 


TEAM Incubators will be located in an actual physical space meant to foster networking among entrepreneurs and their coaches. There, our students will have an opportunity to develop their own business with the help of mentors, local successful entrepreneurs and experts from different fields of industry.

What is the Goal of a TEAM Incubator?


Simply put, the goal of a TEAM incubator is to help our students to succeed in their startup projects.
TEAM Incubator will provide students with learning materials, organise weekly sessions and masterclasses where both IT-Park and TEAM experts will be engaged in.

TEAM Incubator will be divided into various sub-departments:


  • Incubator, where students will be assisted in the process of forming the idea.
  • Accelerator, which will support students to find and obtain financial aid needed for their projects.

The benefits that make TEAM incubator useful:                     


  • Constant mentorship and networking with entrepreneurs;
  • Possibility to develop your idea from the scratch and transform it into successful business;
  • Unrivalled access to funding, mentors, and skills development;