Hikmat Abdurahmanov

Hikmat Abdurahmanov is a co-founder at TEAM University. Along with entrepreneurship, education was always a strong passion for Hikmat.
Hikmat is a graduate of University of World economy & Diplomacy. Earning his Bachelors (2001) & Masters (2004) in International Economics with excellence at UWED, he worked there as a part-time assistant to professor on management. Later on after establishing himself as an entrepreneur he came back regularly as a visiting faculty to UWED, teaching Strategic management to students of 4th year at UWED. Besides, he regularly gives lectures at various universities in the country.

He earned second Master’s degree from prestigious University of St Andrews in International Business in UK(2006). That helped him to calibrate his knowledge in the world of business, together with his partners launch successful companies in fields like: business tourism, leasing, business development & trade (HMPartners, GroundZero, TechnoPlaza, CLG Leasing, UzAutoLeasing, Uzbek-Chinese Trading House, IBT, GEN Uzbekistan, MediTech, Western Production Technologies, Batiskaf Consulting). Now, together with his partners he would like to contribute to the higher education sphere in the country through establishment of private entrepreneurial university.

Hikmat also completed 6-month executive program at Moscow School of Management, Skolkovo (2018), 6 months Professional management program with Uzbek-Japanese Center (2007). Besides he is a fellow of numerous prestigious leadership programs conducted in US, Germany, Austria, UK, Turkey, Hong Kong, Israel, Singapore, India etc. As a certified Independent Director, Hikmat was invited as a Board member to several profit and non-profit organizations, such as Korzinka, Chair at Public Council of Tashkent, Chair at Central Eurasian Leadership Alliance, Poytaxt Bank, Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Association of International business & Technologies etc.

Having lived in four countries (UK, US, China, Singapore), visited more than 50 countries, Hikmat has wide knowledge and experience in the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership in business and management. This all can benefit TEAM University students where Hikmat has a desire to teach.

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