Research Philosophy

All its activities TEAM University based on market research. Market research shows students the industrial applications of scientific knowledge. In addition, market research provides real-world data and expertise that exists outside of academia. We understand that universities operate with input from a wide range of stakeholders and we have completed research with parents, students, employers and internal staff, as well as a number of regulatory bodies. In addition, market research for universities based on multiple sites, social media channels, official news channels, etc.

The role of today’s universities has changed due to the new requirements of an increasingly knowledge-based economy and society. Over the past 35 years, the commercialization of academic research has become a considerable part of universities’ activity, mainly through patenting and licensing of research results. Over time, universities have become important contributors to the innovation system where they act as knowledge creating and disseminating institutions transferring their knowledge and cutting-edge technologies into society. TEAM Universities is aiming to become a key player in development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem and create a vast network of leaders in Central Asian region for further enhancement of the entrepreneurial economy. In this way, TEAM puts its research and education missions into perspective and connect it more explicitly to value creation processes in the economy and to tackling societal challenges.

Every day, data at the University are valued, created, used, stored, archived, reported, or deleted. For managing institutional data and develop its processes and methods TEAM University is using data governance. Data governance sets the standards and protocols for the definition, exchange, integrity, and security of this information at TEAM. Data governance also enables accurate analytics and reporting, which generate answers to key questions and inform decision-making by leadership, internal audiences, and external agencies. TEAM University’s institutional data are to be treated as a university-wide asset that will be readily available to support evidence-based decision-making and informed actions.

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