Internship programme by TEAM University combines practical work experience with structured learning experience through specific briefs aimed at achieving identified objectives of both Employer and University.


Mission of TEAM Internship Programme


TEAM Internship Programme supports experiential learning by encouraging employer internship development and student internship participation and promoting professional development through unique learning opportunities.


The Programme specifically targets all TEAM students and encourages experiential learning as a complimentary approach to entrepreneurial education while focusing on increasing the quantity and quality of enterprise internship opportunities that lead to permanent and successful employment for TEAM University graduates.

Benefits of Internship Programme


  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Explore a career path
  • Give yourself an edge in the job market
  • Develop and refine skills
  • Receive financial compensation
  • Network with professionals in the field
  • Gain confidence
  • Transition into a job

Students Feedback about Internships at TEAM


Munisa Sobirova

GroundZero – SMM Manager


“My internship takes a place in GroundZero. It is a famous co-working space in Uzbekistan. I got the chance to formatively assess and strengthen my skills in Social Media Marketing. Also, in this position I advance my knowledge. Furthermore, I am able to gain several important insights of working with individuals in senior positions side by side.


I extremely honored to get the opportunity to work as an intern for this organization. I honestly think that this is a great experience for me and I would like to thank TEAM University, for giving to us, students, so many opportunities to participate in internship programs in the best local companies, where we could develop our skills and knowledge received during studies.”


Sayidazimkhon Asrorkhudjaev

Fashion Retail Consulting – Consulting Manager


“I am an intern in a very friendly and promising company! One of the best moment of the internship program is that I am already using the knowledge gained from the university during the working process. I learn and get knowledge from my experienced, smart and talented mentors-leaders.


Our company provides consulting services, for customers, specializing mainly in the retail sector. My responsibilities include collecting data for macroeconomic analysis, doing research on competitors of our clients on social networks, studying a lot and taking on the organizational aspects.”


Voir Akbarov

Dispatch Me Logistics – Project Manager


“An internship for a student’s life is one of the most important steps in order to gain the necessary experience and knowledge to work in the future. The internship helped me a lot to feel this atmosphere.


My internship company provides logistics courses. This is a new project in which I represent the role of a project manager. Every day I communicate with clients and try to be in the same tone with them, because it is important to feel the needs of your clients. Also, my tasks include setting up ads on Instagram, creating creative posts and analyzing competitors.”


Nilufar Makhmudjonova

TEAM University – Industry Relations Department Intern


An Internship is a great chance to develop in a certain area where you will learn a lot and taste the notes of adulthood.


I have been working as an intern in “Industry relations” department for 6 months. From my own experience, I have learned a lot, such as how to negotiate, consider business proposals, how to work with a large audience and so on. What is more, I have mastered skills of composing and editing work related documents; drawing up reports, as well as organizational issues that will help me in the future. It worth mentioning that all of it I mastered with the help of my mentor Abror Nazarov. He explained each process step by step, which helped me a great deal in my work.


I am glad that I have the opportunity to be an intern and also get such a large-scale experience”


Sherud Abdushakirov

IT Park – Public relations manager


In the winter of 2021, I got an internship at the largest IT company  “IT Park”. For a whole month I learned from the best and improved my skills. After a month, I joined the staff as a public relations manager.

This company employs not only specialists and experts in their field, but also the most friendly and cheerful employees. Each of them is like a teacher for me, because each of them teaches me something new that helps me in my work.


I am glad that I have the opportunity to be an intern and also get such a large-scale experience”


Shakhzod Raximov  

IMPACT.T – Assistant director and event manager


I am an intern in IMPACT.T Technology Hub. Internship is a period when person can test knowledge in practice and see results in real life. Also, in this period person can improve experience and build networking. Which are most important components future career of entrepreneur.

IMPACT.T is the place for people with global ambitions. IMPACT.T is not just coworking place, moreover it’s a hub for future companies. Here people can find the answers to the questions which related to business and IT technologies.  I am glad to be an intern in one of the best companies with the best IT specialists.


I am glad that I have the opportunity to be an intern and also get such a large-scale experience”

Companies Providing Internship Programs

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