Entrepreneurial Education: from Ideas to Execution

Education is one of the four priorities selected by GEN Global for GEN 2020, along with topics such as the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem, Politics and Inclusion. GEN Global considers education as a tool for informing and educating people of all ages about entrepreneurship, from early childhood development centers to higher education institutions. GEW Education is provided with the resources, raises awareness and provides training for aspiring entrepreneurs around the world. This topic focuses on the tools and programs that communities use to develop entrepreneurship. 


It is already the second year that GEW Uzbekistan has focused on the topic of education and entrepreneurship, as this is the topic that has been of great importance to the Uzbek government over the past few years. Education, and to a greater extent higher education, is being developed in seven steps, its internationalisation is taking place and new forms of ownership are coming into higher education. Higher education itself has become a business project. In recent years, more than 30 new higher education institutions with the participation of foreign partners have opened, and private higher education institutions have emerged. These include TEAM University, the first private business university. One of the main tasks of this university is to educate responsible entrepreneurs with critical and analytical thinking, capable of thinking globally, creating innovative projects, promoting and implementing them. It is therefore quite natural that TEAM University is the main platform for GEW Uzbekistan 2020.

GEW 2020 has a more focused focus on higher education and includes elements related to the other three priorities chosen by GEN for 2020, namely the business ecosystem, politics and entrepreneurship inclusiveness. Therefore, the following topics were added to the agenda for the week: entrepreneurship.

The program of the 4th annual
Global Entrepreneurship Week in Uzbekistan
(23-28 November, 2020)

The session with the rector of the Institute of Pedagogy and Entrepreneurship in Denau is dedicated to the role of universities in creating an ecosystem of entrepreneurship, expanding the participation of universities in the integration of education and production, as well as introducing innovations into entrepreneurship.

Date: Monday 23, November 2020, from 15:30 to 16:00

Link to the session: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89291792604?pwd=NytscDY1LzhlVXNDR3NzWm1aTG9zZz09

Great opportunity for those who want to get valuable skill and knowledge in startup organization.
London Metropolitan University is organized a number of sessions in a framework of Global Entrepreneurial Week 2020. Two distinctive trainers:
1. Natasha Triay is running a session: The importance of Brand Identity on Tuesday, November 25th (16:00-17:00)
During her 7 years in London, Natasha has supported hundreds of individuals set up businesses across an extensive range of industries in her roles at London Met University, Queen Mary University and The Prince’s Trust. She has previously developed a social enterprise.
2. Belinda Pratten is running six hours training session: Introduction to entrepreneurship Course
on Monday, November 23rd; Wednesday, November 25th , and Friday, November 27th the same time (16:00-17:00)
Belinda is Associate Lecturer in Community Development and Leadership at London Metropolitan University. She also works independently with civil society organisations across the UK. A major strand of her current work is supporting charities to become more enterprising and to generate income through trade. She is much in demand as a researcher, trainer and management consultant.
This short course is designed for anyone who is curious about entrepreneurship and wants to learn the essential basic concepts needed to start a business. The sessions will teach you how to come up with an idea, identify the problem you want to solve, speak with and learn from potential customers and finally how to pitch your idea.
Registration form for the sessions: https://lmse.wufoo.com/forms/pmo7zzt1t6b9vo/

On Tuesday November 24, 2020 from 14:00 till 15:00 you will have an opportunity to meet TEAM University Board members who are taking part in Global Entrepreneurial Week 2020, organized by GEN Uzbekistan and TEAM University.
The zoom link for this session is following:
In many cases the Boards of Trustees are not effective and implementing only representation function ‘ where good people meeting once a year’ and not aware about real situation in the university. How the Board of Trustees is working at TEAM and how it performs the most crucial for institution development tasks is going to be discussed during the session.
Session moderator:
Alisher Khasanov- rector of TEAM University
Alan France – Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Zafar Khashimov – Co-founder
Hikmat Abdurakhmanov – Co-founder
Muzaffar Kasimov – Co-founder
Eldor Mannopov- Independent member of the Board
Andrew Wachtel – Independent member of the Board
Nazira Beishenalieva – Independent member of the Board

Day 1


University as a part of entrepreneurial ecosystem


Day 2



Ideation workshop in digital environment

Day 3


Best practices in social and inclusive entrepreneurship

Day 4


Start up Internationalization

Day 5


Linking Ideas and Sponsors


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