Goals of the Society

This society is designed to offer an end to end “toolkit” for students from the very start of their project until it reaches “maturity” i.e. a company or an entrepreneurial project generating a recurring level of sales and beginning its international development.

What is Entrepreneurship Hub at TEAM?

The society consists of a course that covers in chronological order each defining step of an entrepreneurial project. It begins with very personal considerations related to getting to know yourself better so as to decide if you are ready for the multiple challenges of entrepreneurship. It then deals with creativity in order to provide the right set of tools to find an idea with the right potential to disrupt an existing business. We then discuss how to gather a founding team, how to raise money to initiate the project, and how to deal with day to day cash management.


Later in the course, we discuss the art of selling, focusing on business to business sales, and how to measure the product launch phase using cohort analysis. Later on, we discuss the challenges of HR in an entrepreneurial environment, and of recruiting at a point where nobody knows your company. We then describe very practical techniques to initiate the international development of a small company. Last, we cover the exit strategy topic.

Outcomes of the Society:

  • Students are discovering themselves, their strengths, goals and building entrepreneurial mindset;

  • Students are creating business ideas;

  • Students are learning steps from creating business to exit step by step;

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