Djihane Ammari

Djihane Ammari is a Senior Business Lecturer at TEAM University. She holds a Financial Engineering degree from the National School of Statistics and Applied Economics in Algeria, combined with a Master’s in Marketing from the International Islamic University of Malaysia, and a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Istanbul Commerce University. She teaches various Business and Marketing modules such as Digital Marketing, Marketing Research, Leadership, and Strategic Management. At the same time, conducts applied and experimental Business and Marketing research, and provides consulting services for start-ups, local, and international businesses.


PhD, Istanbul Commerce University, Turkey, 2020, Business Administration.



M.Sc., International Islamic University of Malaysia, 2015, Marketing.



Financial Engineering Degree, The National School of Statistics and Applied Economics, Finance and Actuarial, Algeria, 2011.

Research output

  1. Transformational leadership and employee creativity across cultures

Murat Kasımoğlu, Djihane Ammari

Journal of Management Development

Published Online: 10 March 2020

2. Advertising online by educational institutions and students’ reaction: a study of Malaysian Universities.

Muhammad Tahir Jan and Djihane Ammari

Journal of Marketing for Higher Education, Volume 26, 2016 – Issue 2 Published Online: 20 Oct 2016

3. How Industry 4.0 changes business: a commercial perspective.

Ayşe Göksu Özüdoğru, Esra Ergün, Djihane Ammari, Ali Görener

International Journal of Commerce and Finance, Vol. 4, Issue 1, 2018, 84-95

Published Online: Feb 2018