Deneze Bektasheva

Deneze Bektasheva is an Academic at TEAM University. She received Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems with first-class honours at WIUT (2013-2017) and Masters of Arts degree in International Business Management with distinction (2018-2020). Since 2017-2019 worked as Research Assistant at WIUT. And from 2019-2020 as Associate Lecturer. In a research assistant position, she worked on a joint project with the University of Westminster colleagues from London on new factors to extend the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) to adapt to the rapidly evolving e-learning field. As part of the research, they investigated the student’s engagement and actual use of the Learning Management System (LMS). They run some pilot learning practices for the survey, analysis, evaluation of factors that affect student learning performance e.g. motivation, engagement etc. They have submitted the proposal and their talk was accepted for the 18th European Conference on e-Learning (ECEL19). They plan to publish this research in international journals at the end of winter. Moreover, she was a Module Leader and had to manage a big module team (around 5 people) and around 400 students. As an Associate Lecturer, had one of the highest scores in “Rate your lecturer” observation at the Westminster International University in Tashkent. Furthermore, she has been teaching several modules as Data Analysis and Information Management, Network Operations, Introduction to Information and Web Technologies, Fundamentals of Programming. Her research interests are connected with education, information technologies, entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence and internet of things


MA in International Business Management with Distinction, 2020

BSc in Business Information Systems with first class honors, 2017

Research output

Al-shaikhli, D., Porter, A., Jin, L., Tarczynski, A., Ibragimov, D., Bektasheva, D., Shpirko, M., “The Impact of Cultural Familiarity on Students’ SM Usage in Higher Education“, 18th European Conference on e-Learning (ECEL 2019), Copenhagen, Denmark.

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