Phone number:
+998 71 200 2060


Address: 146, Temur Malik street, Yashnobod district,
Tashkent, Uzbekistan

How to get to TEAM University?

TEAM University is Located in a rapidly developing urban area.
You can get to the university by:

Bus: 18, 21, 30, 44, 49, 95, 110, 119, 129

You can use the following mobile application to check for exact bus schedules:

3TM for Android
2GIS for Android
2GIS for iOS

Metro: 2-bekat

Personal Transport: GPS directions and driving route

TEAM Interactive Map

The following is an information that will assist you to familiarize with the University, nearby buildings, hostels and applicable accommodations at the primary steps.

To support applicants and students who live in the regions of the country, the administration of the TEAM University has prepared an interactive map in which students from the regions can find:


• Nearest Apartments for Rent, as well as Hostels;

• Entertainment centers, cafes, shopping centers;

• Lines and routes of public transport;

• The nearest sights of the city;

Instructions How to Use Interactive Map

  1. Browse TEAM University on the search bar and find the University campus on the map;
  2. Switch on the geolocation and make a route from your location to the University;
  3. You may set off and view all the possible ways: by car, public transport (bus, subway), by foot;
  4. Observe the surrounding area: Hostel, Hotel, Service places: supermarket, trade center, mini-shop, drug store, car wash, beauty salon, dry cleaning, post office; Public places: parks, libraries, museums, theatres, business centers, co-working spaces; restaurants, cafes.

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