Entrepreneurial education: case based approach to learning

Company scholarships are created to emphasize strong ties of TEAM Universities with different industries.
It provided unique chance for talented students to get funding and acquire real life knowledge through working in one of the sponsoring companies.

Thus, each of scholarship holders is expected to do internship with duration no less than 3 months throughout study period.



1. New applicants with both conditional and unconditional offers can apply for this program.

2. To be eligible to receive the scholarship, student should successfully be admitted to foundation year.

3. Participants who have previously won TEAM Hackathon scholarship cannot participate.

50%, 30%, 20% Scholarship

Overall number


50%, 30%, 20% Scholarship

Overall number

Universal Bank

Joint-Stock Commercial Bank “Universal Bank” was founded in 2001 and today it is an actively developing, universal bank with a wide range of services and a special attitude towards each client. We are available and open to all clients.


The bank is active in both the corporate and retail segments. Flexible rates, an individual approach to the specifics of the clients’ business, the development of new modern banking products in accordance with the needs of the market, lead to a dynamic growth of the bank’s financial indicators, allowing the bank to become even more successful.

Ground Zero

GroundZero is the ideal choice for entrepreneurs, businessmen and creative people who need a representative office in the heart of the city – for responsible negotiations, meetings and presentation.

The organization provides lots of new opportunities for residents besides co-working space such as legal support, trainings, technical support and chance to cooperate with all residents of co-working space.
Moreover, the area hosts plenty of local and international projects.

How to Get Company Scholarship

Please choose the company scholarship you want to apply for and register in the area below.

Notice- you will do the internship in the company who provided you with the scholarship

General test

Part 1: Applicants are to pass a test which consists of 30 questions. Questions types include Multiple Choice Questions related to business and management.
Approximate time to complete Part 1 is 35 minutes. Each question weights 1,5 points, overall 45 points are given to Part 1.

Part 2: Applicants are to answer 3 open ended questions and 2 Case Study questions. Open ended questions are designed to encourage a full, meaningful and deliberate answer using applicants’ own knowledge and/or feelings. Case Study questions ask applicants to analyse case studies/scenarios in order to test their ability to relate theories and concepts to real-world situations.
Approximate time to complete Part 2 is 45 minutes.


Open question 1 10 points
Open question 2 10 points
Open question 3 10 points
Case study question 1 10 points
Case study question 2 15 points

You can register here until 20 September 2021

Date of the test - 22-nd September 2021

General Procedures