Entrepreneurial education: case based approach to learning

Company scholarships are created to emphasize strong ties of TEAM Universities with different industries.
It provides unique chance for talented students to get funding and acquire real life knowledge through working in one of the sponsoring companies.

Thus, each of scholarship holders is expected to do internship with duration no less than 3 months throughout study period.



1. All students of all levels at TEAM University (Level 3, Level 4 and Level 5) are eligible to participate;

2. Students who have previously won State Scholarship, TEAM Merit-Based Scholarships and Hackathon TEAM Scholarships can not participate on Employer’s Choice Company Scholarships contest.


50%, 30% and 20% Scholarships

Overall number of Scholarships

Korzinka Uz

Possessing extensive experience in the food and beverage retail and related products, the supermarket chain korzinka.uz has a clear idea of the products that you are interested in and guarantees their quality. The uninterrupted work of Korzinka suppliers, which are large and successful companies that have have great experience in the market for more than one year. It ensures the continuous availability of a wide range of products.

The supermarket chain is steadily expanding and has a well-deserved prestige among buyers. The fact that the word “korzinka” has become a household name for understanding the supermarket notion.

How to get Company Scholarship?

Firstly, please register in the area below by filling out the form.

The registration period: 17-23 November.


Candidates will need to write an essay (1000 words) based on the task which is assigned by the company. The tasks will be distributed among shortlisted candidates via email by the responsible officer at TEAM University on November 24.

Essay completion period: from November 24 to December 1.

Please note that participants’ essays will be evaluated by company representatives and only shortlisted candidates will be invited to present their work in a format of pitch presentation. The shortlisted candidates will be announced on the 8th of December


Students whose essays pass the evaluation by the company are given time to prepare a 10 (+/- 2) minute presentation in which they offer solutions to existing or anticipated problems/challenges from the stage 1 essay. Company representatives will evaluate the participants’ performances and announce 3 winners. An award ceremony will be held on the same day.

Presentation completion period: from December 8 to December 15.

Please note that you will do the internship in the company who provided you with the scholarship.

Registration for 2023 is open!

Registration period: November 17-24.
Essay completion period: December 1
Presentation completion period: December 15.

Note: For those applicants who win the scholarship but have already paid in full for academic year, the scholarship will be allocated to the next academic year at TEAM University.


Each candidate’s essay will be checked through the Turnitin plagiarism detection system, with the maximum allowable plagiarism rate being 20%.

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