What is Business Breakfast at TEAM?

Business Breakfast at TEAM University is:


• A new and effective format of networking and learning for students

• Several hours that give new ideas, answers to painful questions and a powerful boost of business energy

• Presentation in a special format for a small circle of people

• An opportunity not only to convey important information to key persons, but also to build relationships and strengthen ties.

Best Moments from Business Breakfasts


Benefits for Students

High-quality acquaintance with new companies

Getting fresh ideas and work recommendations

Gaining professional opinions on new ideas

Additional channel for business development

Communication among professionals

• 8:30 – Registration. Meeting with guests.

• 9:00 – 9:30 – The presenter introduces everyone to each participant, tells the reason for the gathering, notifies the program.

• 9:30-9:40 – 10-minute break for coffee or tea, snack

• 9:40 – 11:00 – Speech by the speaker or collective discussion of the topic 11:00 – 11:10 – End of the meeting.

Best Moments from Business Breakfasts


Business Breakfast with Murad Nazarov


Business Breakfast with Zamira Rahmanova


Business Breakfast with Akmal Paiziev


Business Breakfast with Hilola Suleymanova


Business Breakfast with Aziza Umarova


Business Breakfast with Bobir Akilkhanov

Full Videos of Business Breakfasts

Business Breakfast with Zamira Rakhmanova

Business Breakfast with Margulan Seisembai

First Business Breakfast with First TEAM Students

Business Breakfast with Bobir Akilkhanov

Business Breakfast with Alisher Isayev

Business Breakfast with Botir Arifjanov

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