About us
TEAM University - is a university that will develop graduates with a systematic, entrepreneurial mindset, aimed at preparing the most competitive and technologically advanced graduates, who will be able to create startups and bring domestic products and services to foreign markets.
Our campus:
Our UK partner university is London South Bank University or LSBU. LSBU is a cosmopolitan university with over 17,000 students from over 130 countries. The university is included in the prestigious ranking of the top 1000 best universities in the world in QS and THE versions. The university was named "Business University of the Year" in the UK in 2016.

TEAM University will strive for:
- To be recognized internationally as one of the leading private entrepreneurial universities in Central Asia.
- Recognition for its involvement in the development of social well-being and value creation for society as a whole.
- Recognition for quality education and value creation through the work of its students, staff and alumni.
- Recognition for practical research and academic excellence.
To educate graduates who will be able to become a Generation of Reflective Research Focused Entrepreneurial professionals destined to make a difference….

…deliver Practiced Based, Academically Challenging and Socially Relevant Education that provides a stimulating student experience
- Inclusivity and equity of treatment for all
- Transparency and Honesty
- Critical engagement and Integrity
- Learning to fail - to value success

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