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В TEAM University был организован тренинг на тему «Стратегия масштабирования» от основателя Compass Consulting Улугбека Хожиахмедова

5 октября в рамках Программы менторинга для женщин-предпринимателей ЕБРР в TEAM University был организован тренинг на тему «Стратегия масштабирования» от основателя Compass Consulting Улугбека Хожиахмедова.   Главной целью тренинга было научить участниц основам стратегии и командообразования. В тренинге акцент был сделан на основах стратегии, фундаментальных концепциях как миссии, видение и ценность.   Помимо того, была […]

Тренинг на тему “Инструменты увеличения продаж” в TEAM University

14 сентября на очередном тренинге для участниц Программы менторинга, который прошел в TEAM University, Акмаль Насридинов, эксперт в области продаж и управления продажами, рассказал об инструментах увеличения продаж. Участницы получили теоретическую информацию и практические навыки о том, как увеличить продажи без больший финансовых вложений. Акцент на тренинге был сделан на необходимости использования внутренних резервов, понимании […]

TEAM University announces the start of registration for State Scholarships!

‼️📢 TEAM University announces the start of registration for State Scholarships! 30 scholarships with full coverage of the tuition fee for 4 years. ℹ️ State Scholarships will allow holders to study 4 years of Bachelor’s degree at TEAM University completely free of charge. Condition is working in Government Agencies after graduation. In order to receive […]

Amazing trip to Bukhara!

During the trip Students of TEAM University visited the most famous and historical sightseeings in Bukhara. Sharing with you the brightest moments of the trip.

Industry Visit to Astrum IT Academy!

TEAM University Students visited the first IT academy in 🇺🇿, Astrum. During the visit, Astrum representatives shared with the Students the history of the academy’s foundation, its mission and vision, showed the infrastructure and the campus, and shared extremely important insights on the management of the educational institution. A week earlier, Representatives of TEAM University, […]

EMI Congress Tashkent 2022

The seventh “EMI Congress (International EMI Entrepreneurship & Social Sciences Congress)” will be hosted by TEAM University (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) from 20-22 June 2022. The theme of the Congress will be “The Entrepreneurship and Social Sciences in Turkic World”. The congress will be organized in the form of hybrid. It is organized in cooperation with BAİBU, […]

Admissions for 2022/2023 are OPEN NOW!

Dear Applicants and Parents! We are sincerely pleased to announce Admissions open for International Foundation Course, LSBU @lsbu Undergraduate Degrees (Direct entry to Level 4) and Pre-Foundation Course at TEAM University for 2022/2023 Academic Year. 📑 Admission requirements for 2022/2023: • Completed general secondary education (School Certificate / Lyceum/College Diploma or proof of studies from the School […]

Let’s welcome our new Dean of Faculty, Professor Erdogan Ekiz

    Dr. Ekiz completed his Ph.D. in tourism and hospitality management at the School of Hotel and Tourism Management at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He has a B.Sc. in tourism and hotel management and an M.B.A. in services marketing from Eastern Mediterranean University in North Cyprus Erdogan Ekiz was previously Associate Professor at Westminster […]

TEAM University wishes you a very Happy NEW YEAR!

TEAM University wishes you a very Happy New Year! 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣2️⃣🎆🎊 Cheers to a 2022 and another chance for us to get it right! Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbours and may all your deepest dreams come true next year 🙏✨ Let’s congratulate each other on the holidays! Write «Happy […]

Business Incubator of Nazarbayev University Innovation Cluster together with TEAM University is hosting ABC Weekend in Tashkent!

🗣 Tashkent, Assalomu Alaikum! 🧩 Business Incubator of Nazarbayev University Innovation Cluster together with TEAM University is hosting ABC Weekend in Tashkent! 🤩 📈 ABC Weekend is a 2-day event on generating and improving start-up ideas, as well as an opportunity to get into the ABC Incubation X TCA programme. A Meetup session is planned […]

TEAM University congratulates all Uzbek citizens with the main public holiday of the country – Independence Day!

Today we are witnessing that over a historically short period of time, colossal success has been achieved in the socio-political, spiritual, educational, economic and legal spheres. In connection with the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, we want to wish you all prosperity, well-being, peace, inspiration and success […]

Hackathon TEAM – Announcement!

Dear applicants who have registered for the Hackathon TEAM 2021 August 24-25. We would like to inform you that due to technical difficulties, the Hackathon TEAM, which was supposed to take place on August 24-25, 2021, was postponed to September 7-8, 2021. The University administration will start to contact each successfully registered participant from August […]

TEAM University announces launch of the registration for “Employer’s Choice” Company Scholarships

What is Company Scholarship?🤔 🔸 Company scholarships are created to emphasize strong ties of TEAM Universities with different industries. It provides unique chance for talented students to get funding and acquire real life knowledge through working in one of the sponsoring companies. 📝 Scholarship contest includes test and open ended questions for applicants to answer. […]

Бизнес Завтрак с Замирой Рахмановой

Студенты TEAM провели удивительное время, завтракая с успешной женщиной-предпринимателем Замирой Рахмановой! Менеджер по маркетинговым коммуникациям сети korzinka.uz и «главный пельменолог» страны рассказала о том, как построить бизнес на инфоповоде в социальных сетях. Кроме того, Замира Рахманова рассказала студентам TEAM о том, как построить и вести бизнес с наименьшими затратами.

The best moments from the Hackathon TEAM 2021

On the first day, our Hackathoners divided into teams, chose topics for creating startups, listened to master-classes from Hikmat Abdurahmanov, Shakhrukh Nizamutdinov, Djafar Kazakov, Jurabek Babaev , Anvar Irchaev     We sincerely thank all Speakers, our Mentors and Volunteers who helped us create and host this brilliant event On the second day, Aziza Umarova […]

🤝TEAM University hosted a meeting with GRBS Representatives and signed a Cooperation Agreement!

🤝TEAM University hosted a meeting with GRBS Representatives and signed a Cooperation Agreement! 🏢 CEO of the TEAM University – Hikmat Abdurahmanov and the founder of the GRBS® – Bahram Gurbanov held fruitful negotiations on a strategic partnership with TEAM University, after which a Cooperation Agreement was signed between these two organizations. The meeting was […]

📣 Dear Applicants! We announce the launch of registration for the Hackathon TEAM 2021! #win_your_scholarship

📣 Dear Applicants! We announce the launch of registration for the Hackathon TEAM 2021! #win_your_scholarship 🚀 Hackathon TEAM is a 26-hour marathon of creating, producing, and delivering a business/startup idea. Every team consisting of 3-5 people will need to develop a product from scratch within the set time period. 🥇🥈🥉 | 🏆 Winners (each member […]

Students of TEAM University held a Business Breakfast with Murad Nazarov

Students of TEAM University held a Business Breakfast with Murad Nazarov 🤩 The founder of Murad Buildings, Murad Nazarov talked with Students on the topic of entrepreneurship in Uzbekistan, shared his life experiences, and also gave recommendations to our Students in creating their own enterprises ⚡️ We sincerely thank Murad Nazarov for the allocated time […]

TEAM University Students had a marvelous trip to the Paltaus Ring, Ugam-Chatkal National Park

TEAM University Students had a marvelous trip to the Paltaus Ring, Ugam-Chatkal National Park. During this tour Students had an extreme hicking experience, walking 15 km across Paltaus Ring. The goals of this program are to support the healthy lifestyle of students and to enhance teamwork. The route included sharp climbs, dangerous water crossings and […]

TEAM Students had an amazing Business Breakfast with successful woman entrepreneur Zamira Rahmanova!

Zamira Rahmanova the founder of the Testo by Zamira&Co Restaurant, Marketing Communications Manager of the korzinka.uz, talked with TEAM Students about how to build and lead business at the lowest costs. We sincerely thank Zamira Rahmanova for the dedicated time for Students of TEАM University. Next Business Breakfasts are ahead!

LSBU has validated TEAM University Undergraduate Courses

London South Bank University (LSBU) has validated TEAM University Undergraduate Courses on 11th June 2021.   The Panel, on behalf of London South Bank University, validated the following courses: • BA (Hons) Entrepreneurship with Digital Innovation (TEAM) • BA (Hons) Entrepreneurship with International Business (TEAM) • BA (Hons) Entrepreneurship with Marketing (TEAM)   London South […]

Students of TEAM University held a Business Breakfast with Murad Nazarov

The founder of Murad Buildings, Murad Nazarov talked with our Students on the topic of entrepreneurship in Uzbekistan, shared his life experience and also gave recommendations to our Students in creating their own enterprises We sincerely thank @murad_nazarov_tashkent for the allocated time for students of TEAM University. Next Business Breakfasts are ahead!

TEAM University awarded the most active Students for their dedicated engagement in University’s social life!

We are sincerely grateful to our Students, who had been actively involved in TEAM’s events and social initiatives during the Academic Year, as founding first University clubs, participating in such conferences, as the first TEAM MUN 2021, Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020 and others TEAM Students were awarded certificates by our Deputy Rector on Student Engagement, […]

Interview with Timothy Torlott, UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan

Interview with Timothy Torlott, UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan: 

About course: “Entrepreneurship with International Business”

Course is aimed to equip students with knowledge and understanding of modern International Business and Entrepreneurship practices. Moreover, the goal of this course is to provide students with opportunities to apply their knowledge in practice within an International Business Ecosystem and to create opportunities for students to further strengthen their soft skills, including Leadership, Critical […]

TEAM students held a business breakfast with Akmal Paiziev

Have a delicious breakfast at the same time, as well as have a fruitful conversation with a successful entrepreneur. Sounds like the perfect start of the day and all of this is possible thanks to the TEAM University Business Breakfasts TEAM students held a business breakfast with Akmal Paiziev on the topic: “How to make Startup […]

Interview with Margulan Seissembai

Маргулан Сейсембаев посетил TEAM University, где была проведена сессия совместно с учредителями TEAM в числе которых Хикмат Абдурахманов, Зафар Хашимов и другие. В рамках интервью было обсуждено развитие отношений Узбекистана с Казахстаном, последствия самоизоляции на рост ВВП, рекомендации для привлечения инвестиций в Узбекистане и прочее. Кроме того, Маргулан Сейсембаев рассказал о своей жизни, карьере и […]

We are excited to announce Company Scholarships for current students of TEAM University!

Company Scholarships will be provided by our partners, Korzinka.Uz and Kapitalbank companies. Students of TEAM can become winners of overall 6 scholarships, which cover up to 50% of the Tuition Fee. Only students of TEAM enrolled for 2020/2021 Academic Year can apply for these scholarships. Registration will be announced soon on inner communication channels. For […]

May 9 – the Day of Remembrance and Honor

TEAM University sincerely congratulates all residents of Uzbekistan on May 9 – the Day of Remembrance and Honor. We cherish in our hearts gratitude to those who gave us the opportunity to live in peace and harmony. We wish you all well-being and prosperity, reliable partners and bright victories!

Extracurricular life at TEAM University is very rich and full of vivid emotions!

For our Students, we on an ongoing basis organize a number of out-of-class practice-oriented activities, such as Business Breakfasts and Business Iftars, MUN Conferences, GEW (Global Entrepreneurship Week) and Industrial Visits to local companies. Business Iftars not only bring our Students closer to successful entrepreneurs in Uzbekistan, but also pay tribute to the traditions of […]

TEAM Students have visited Hilton Tashkent City Hotel!

TEAM University the 3rd industrial visit as a part of its strategy to strengthen ties between the University and partner companies. Hilton Hotels & Resorts is a global brand of full-service hotels and resorts and the flagship brand of American multinational hospitality company Hilton which owns more than 580 Hilton Hotels & Resorts properties in […]

We are launching a new rubric “Parents of students about TEAM University”

Mrs. Khamraeva Malikakhon, Mother of the student Saidazimkhon Asrorkhodzhayev, shared her impressions about the TEAM, told about the admission and the immediate plans of her son in the future! Stay tuned! There are many interesting interviews ahead! #strivetochange

TEAM University celebrates it’s 1st Anniversary!

Last year, on April 18, TEAM University was established by the Decree of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan №241 We congratulate all Employees, Founders and Students of TEAM on the 1st Anniversary and wish prosperity, stability, best luck in all endeavors and significant professional and academic achievements! Today we are celebrating a […]

TEAM University congratulates you on the holy month of Ramadan!

May Allah ease your hardships and shower you with loads of peace and prosperity during this holy month of Ramadan. Have a blessed time.

First Model United Nations (MUN) conference was held at TEAM University

On the 10 to 11 April, first Model United Nations (MUN) conference was held at TEAM University, which was attended by more than 100 delegates UN Alan France (Rector of the TEAM University) and Sodiq Safoyev (First Deputy Chairman of the Senate) made a welcoming speech. The British Ambassador to Uzbekistan – Timothy Torlot, as […]

TEAM University has visited to Fergana and Kokand

The delegation of TEAM University paid a visit to Fergana and Kokand Presentation dates: in Fergana city – April 8 in the city of Kokand – April 9 During the visit, representatives of TEAM, including the Co-founder of the University, Hikmat Abdurakhmanov, held meetings with applicants from the cities of the Fergana Valley. Applicants were […]

TEAM Students have visited industrial companies, as Uzbek Chinese Trading House (UCTH) and CLG Leasing

As part of a strategy to strengthen ties between students and industry, TEAM is organized the 2nd industry visit. Tour programme was hosted by the co-founder of UCTH and CLG Leasing- Hikmat Abdurahmanov. Students and specialists covered the main theme of the programs, “Competitive Advantage” and discussed other topics such as international trade, customers, leasing […]

Margulan Seissembai visited TEAM University!

TEAM organizes a business breakfast / interview with one of the most successful Kazakh businessmen and investor, Margulan Seissembayev Margulan Seissembai is an international level Kazakh businessman, as well as investor and public figure.🌐 🗓During the visit, which took place on March 25th, the Co-founders of TEAM Hikmat Abdurahmanov, Muzaffar Kasimov and others conducted a […]

Success stories start at TEAM

Let us introduce to you one of our students Kamilla Urinova. Kamilla told us how the entrepreneurial education can help her to achieve the goals 🎯 Watch, share and tell us your success stories

Happy Navruz Holiday!

Navruz is the time when spring is awakening. Happy New Day! Happy Navruz Holiday! We wish you and your family all the warmest wishes, let your home always be safe, fulfilled with love, care and prosperity!🍃☀️

Signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation between the LSBU and TEAM

London South Bank University (LSBU) and TEAM University (TEAM) are delighted to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation between the two universities. The basis of the agreement is for LSBU to validate a range of undergraduate degree courses to be offered locally by TEAM, leading to an award from LSBU (subject to TEAM […]

About course: “Entrepreneurship with Digital Innovations”

We continue our series of posts, in which we briefly tell you about the spheres in which graduates of TEAM courses will be able to successfully start their careers👨🏻‍🎓👩🏼‍🎓 You will find out in which areas the graduates of our “Entrepreneurship with Digital Innovations” undergraduate degree course can achieve a job placement after 4 years […]

New Co-Founders, who have recently joined our TEAM.

      Mr. Alisher Jabbarov and Mr. Maksud Abdusamatov and Mr. Anvar Irchaev truly believe in the development of higher education in Uzbekistan, that is why they decided to join TEAM University as shareholders. Our new Co-Founders will be engaged into strategic development of the TEAM, driving the university to the successful future.

Happy International Women’s Day!

To all the wonderful women in this world, we wish a very happy International Women’s Day! You are the heart of the family, you give a birth to children, achieve success in professional and social activities, while always remaining young and beautiful.

Meet our student: Shokhsanam Ismatullaeva

Shokhsanam joined our TEAM during the Winter Intake❄️ She told us how she decided to enter and shared her impression about TEAM University.

Learning Resources Centre of TEAM is not just a library

Learning Resources Centre of TEAM is not just a library 📚, it is a space, which provides students with access to the most up-to-date learning resources, both in physical and digital formats📱 LRC under TEAM University offers to students an access to official resources, as IGI-Global, Emerald, Coursera for Campus и Wiley.🌐📚 LRC space is […]

Rector of TEAM University participated in English Language Teaching conference TEFL-2021

On 10th of February rector of TEAM University Alisher Khasanov participated in English Language Teaching event TEFL-2021 in Samarkand. Central Asia TEFL-2021 is the first event, which gather ELT specialists from the following Central Asian countries: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan , Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan together. The aim of TEFL-2021 is to understand international teaching standards in teaching […]

9th of February – anniversary of the birth of Alisher Navoi

Today we celebrate the 580th anniversary of the birth of the founder of the modern Uzbek language, a great poet, philosopher and statesperson – Alisher Navoi. His works are translated into many languages, and we would like to share with you some of his outstanding works in English translation: Is it the glow of innocence […]

Guest lecture at TEAM University by Nikolay Chumak

Guest lecture at TEAM University on the topic “Experience Economy: How working with customer experience  will change business in the future?” Nikolay Chumak, founder and CEO of IDNT, will hold an open lecture for TEAM students and everyone else. For over 11 years, his company has been specializing on the development of concepts and formats […]

Work & Travel Program presentation by “American Adventures”

Learn more about all details of the Work & Travel Program from “American Adventures”!🇺🇸 🗣We invite you to participate in an open presentation by @americanadventure “American Adventure” Specialists at which You: – Will receive useful information about the Work & Travel Programme🇺🇸 – Will learn how to register for the W&T Program❓ – Will get […]

Student at TEAM University: Muhammadjon Talilov

Let us introduce our student , Muhammadjon Talilov🙋🏻‍♂️ Muhammadjon is student at TEAM University who is working on his own projects. He also told us about his hobbies📚, why he decided to become an entrepreneur and how TEAM University supports young entrepreneurs🤝

New Intake. New Opportunities. Don’t wait, Apply TEAM now!

Dear Applicants and Parents! We are sincerely glad to announce the launch of Autumn Intake for the Academic Year 2021/2022. Applicants from this moment are able to apply for the International Foundation Course, and after completing it, choose one of the three pathways: 🔺Entrepreneurship with International Business;🔺Entrepreneurship with Digital Innovations;🔺Entrepreneurship with Creative Industries; Our Entry […]

538th anniversary of Zahir-ud-din Muhammad Babur

Today is the 538th anniversary of Zahir-ud-din Muhammad Babur, the founder and the first Emperor of the Mughal Empire that ruled in India for three centuries, a descendant of Amir Temur, a military adventurer, a soldier of distinction and a genius poet. His “Memoirs”, also known as “Babur-Nama”, still serve as a unique resource to […]

Paying the Tuition Fee has become easier with Apelsin!

Dear Applicants! From now, you are able to pay your Tuition Fee via Apelsin Uzbekistan Online Payment Platform.📱 How to pay via Apelsin🧐: 1) Download “Apelsin Uzbekistan🍊” application from App Store or Google Play.📱 2) Go to “Payment” section.💳 3) Choose TEAM University and fill in all required fields.✅ 4) Make the payment.📱💳📲 ❗️(Note! Apelsin🍊 […]

Jakhongir Pulatov’s seminar: how to combine your education and business?

Cannot find time to start learning? Do not even know when to run a business? 🤔 Jakhongir Pulatov, the Founder of the following companies @cambridge_learning_centre, @modme_uz, @selfmade_uz and @yoshtadbirkoruzb will tell you how to combine your education and business! Do not miss this out! Date🗓: 17th of February, Wednesday Time⏰: 11:00 Address📍: TEAM University, 146, […]

Transparent educational process

We are sharing with you some of the video snippets with one of our academics, Master in Business Administration,Azamat Nurmatov, who will exchange his experience with our students here at TEAM University, until they start the internship in the partnering companies next year! Stay tuned in order to know more from the educational life of […]

Our employees contribute to social development!

TEAM University is proud to announce that one of our university staff members, Komil Djalilov, is going to conduct training on the development and quality assessment of tests for the State Inspectorate for Supervision of the Quality of Education. The training is devoted to the basics of testology and covers topics such […]

One day at TEAM with students!

Dear applicants! We remind you that there is exactly one week left before the start of Winter Intake! Have time to submit your documents on our website and become a student on February 1, 2021.

25 days left till the start of the Winter Intake!

Don’t miss a chance to become a student of TEAM University this February! Join our TEAM! +998712023031

Zafar Khashimov about lectures at TEAM University

What do successful entrepreneurs rely on when they make important decisions? Why math is so important for businesspeople? Co-founder of TEAM University Zafar Khashimov told us about this, and also shared his impressions of his lectures for TEAM University students!

Happy New Year 2021!

Dear students, staff members and subscribers! New Year is a time of reflection and looking forward to new possibilities. We wish 365 days of good luck in a New Year to you and your loved ones! Let the New Year deliver you new prospects, may you lift to new heights, and even the sky will […]

Why is it still important to join a university? | Djihane Ammari

Academic of TEAM University Djihane Ammari discussed this topic with students of TEAM and students from foreign institutions. Access to the discussion was open for everyone!

Getting started on a PhD | Dr Alan Buckingham

Dr Alan Buckingham (Academic at TEAM University) gave a seminar on ‘Getting started on a PhD’. Alan has experience of supervising and examining many Doctoral students and this seminar was an opportunity for him to offer advice for those aspiring to study for a doctorate. His talk included looking at the different types of doctorates […]

If you are keen on being the ambassador of an American Company watch the online ZOOM Meeting with Elena Son!

Elena V. Son, the Executive Director of the American-Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce (AUCC), gave an open lecture at TEAM University! Ms. Son has extensive US private sector experience – focusing on business development, programmatic and financial management, advocacy, and fundraising. Ms. Son is highly respected by representatives of the U.S. private sector and the U.S. […]

Have you heard about the agile approach and the principle of sustainability? Then join to lecture with Michael Shamshidov!

Have you ever heard about the agile approach and the principle of sustainability? Would you like to know more about this? Michael Shamshidov is going to talk about these concepts on the example of tourism, which for him is not only a business but also a lifestyle! Michael Shamshidov is an international coach, expert, consultant, […]

Attention to the applicants from Urgench!

Rector of TEAM University Alisher Khasanov will visit the city of sunny Khorezm region Urgench in order to tell the applicants how to apply to Winter Intake at TEAM University The meeting will be held in the following Learning Centers: 📍Oxford Education Centre 📍Westpro education 📍Ielts imperia

Malik Karimov at TEAM University!

Every week TEAM organizes guest lectures, where interesting and successful personalities speak about their cases, which can be very motivating and inspiring for our students to achieve their goals. On December 15, TEAM University students participated in a guest lecture from the marketing director of korzinka.uz Malik Karimov. Malik Karimov is not just a marketing […]

Aziza Umarova about Design Thinking and trainings at TEAM University

Aziza Umarova, public administration specialist on reform and modernization of the government conducted a training on ‘Design Thinking’ at TEAM University. The participants of the training learned how to use ‘Design Thinking’ in innovative as well as social projects. If you want to know about all the events at TEAM University, subscribe to our pages […]

Happy Constitution Day of Uzbekistan!

On behalf of TEAM University staff members, we congratulate you on Constitution Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan! The Constitution was adopted on the 8th of December 1992 and served as heart and guiding light of democracy for the citizens. May the Constitution Day be our pride of the year, where each day is a […]

The second week of open doors at TEAM University!

We invite you to a tour of TEAM University campus! The tour includes ♦ ️Acquaintance with academics; ♦ ️Q&A; ♦ ️Participate in a guest lecture with Aziza Umarova (more details in the previous post); Register for an excursion in the comments or write to the telegram @teamuni_uz Address: Tashkent, Yashnabad district, Temur Malik street 146, […]

Guest Lecture with Aziza Umarova at TEAM University!

Aziza Umarova, public administration specialist on reform and modernization will give an open lecture at TEAM University. Students will get an idea of ​​design thinking, innovative approaches to the development of new projects. And most importantly, they will be able to practise new skills. Design thinking implements both in start-ups and social projects development. Topic: […]

Great news for applicants!

Great news for 11th grade students and for 2nd year college and lyceum students! TEAM University announces the start of registration for Pre-University Course! What is Pre-University Course? This is a preparatory programme for admission to TEAM University! The course includes: ♦ ️Preparation for university on British standards at TEAM University campus ♦ ️Advanced learning […]

Opening of GEW 2020 at TEAM University in Tashkent

For the first time, Global Entrepreneurship Week was held at TEAM University. Many guests attended the opening ceremony of GEW. UN Resident Coordinator in Uzbekistan Helena Fraser and Co-Founder of TEAM University Zafar Khashimov spoke about the importance of entrepreneurship in Uzbekistan and their cases.

Быть студентом одно из самых замечательных событий в жизни!

TEAM University поздравляет всех студентов мира с Международным днем студента!

Happy Uzbek language day!

Language is a crucial part of the connection between people. Language also plays an important role in the creation of the personality of an individual, since it is communication that drives our lives and makes us better. The Uzbek language has its own unique historical roots and geographical basis. It is the language in which […]

Open Doors Day at TEAM!

We invited all who was interested on a tour of the TEAM campus! The tour included: ♦ ️acquaintance with academics; ♦ ️Q&A ♦ ️Talent Show from TEAM University Students! Date: Tuesday 1st December Time: 15:00

ZOOM-Meeting with Hikmat Abdurahmanov and Aleksey Semyonov

On Friday 27th of November was held a ZOOM-Meeting with Hikmat Abdurakhmanov(Co-founder) and Aleksey Semyonov(Deputy Rector) of TEAM University. Topic: Advantages of studying at TEAM. How to apply for Winter Intake?Time: 17:00

Alan Buckingham welcomes you at TEAM University and tells many interesting details of his Module!

Good news for the students of TEAM University! Alan will lead English Speaking Club at TEAM as an extracurricular activity!🗣

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020

The opening ceremony of GEW was held at TEAM University, on 23rd of November 2020. To the opening ceremony of GEW were invited renowned entrepreneurs, UN representatives and guests from other universities of Uzbekistan who give their inspiring speeches about the importance of entrepreneurship in our country. Let’s start the week of entrepreneurship!

Alisher Khasanov and Alan Buckingham visited Fergana region!

Rector of TEAM University Alisher Khasanov and one of the professors Alan Buckingham visited Fergana region! The meetings were held in the following learning centers: November 19th at ‘Royal English Learning Center’ in Fergana, 5 p.m.; November 20th at ‘OPUS Training Center’ in Fergana, 9:00 a.m.; November 20th at ‘Intelligent Learning Center’ in Andijan at […]

Being a student is one of the most remarkable adventures of our lives!

TEAM University congratulates all the students over the world with International Students’ day! How many friends students do you have? Tag them below and comment how are you celebrating your day!

For applicants from Karshi city!

Founders and staff of TEAM University will visit Karshi in order to give a presentation about the university and how to apply to TEAM University this year! Date: December 4th Time: 11:30 Venue: Opposite the Central Bank. Jakhongir market 2nd floor Registration via number +998912211101

Training of Alisher Khasanov at Sehriyo School

Guest lecture from Chief editor of Zira.uz

Guest lecture from Irina Salikhova, Chief editor of zira.uz 03.11.2020. Students of TEAM shared their impressions of the guest lecture. Thank you Irina for visiting TEAM, our door is always open for you!

Trip to Namangan!

Co-founder of HM Partners and TEAM University Hikmat Abdurakhmanov together with the rector Alisher Khasanov visited Namangan city in order to deliver an entrepreneurial spirit of TEAM University. Rector of TEAM University Alisher Khasanov also talked with young and prospective students of two Learning Centers of Namangan on the topic ‘Why do I want to […]

Meet one of the students of TEAM University!

Kamila is a young entrepreneur, she runs her own Panda Sticker online Store. Kamila told us her impressions of TEAM! Keep watching the video and share it with your friends! Apply for Winter Intake — join our TEAM!

Welcome to Online ZOOM Meeting with Rector!

Dear subscribers!⠀On Monday, 02/11/2020 at 5:00 P.M. TEAM University is holding an Online ZOOM Meeting with Rector of TEAM Alisher Khasanov.⠀If you want to apply for Winter Intake or join our TEAM next year we are ready to answer all your questions!Link is in the bio and on all our channels!

Presentation of TEAM University in Samarkand

Our team has visited “FAST Education” Learning center – our partner in Samarkand and explained the applicants how to be enrolled on Winter Intake!⠀Hurry up to apply for TEAM this year!Students starting their Foundation Course in winter will not lose a year – they can progress to the next level in Autumn 2021!⠀We are ready […]

Deputy Rector at TEAM University Aleksey Semyonov wishes to all a Happy Uzbek language day!

Language is a crucial part of the connection between people. Language also plays an important role in the creation of the personality of an individual, since it is communication that drives our lives and makes us better. The Uzbek language has its own unique historical roots and geographical basis. It is the language in which […]

For applicants from Samarkand!

On October 21st, the founders and teachers of TEAM University have visited Samarkand in order to deliver a presentation about the University and explain how to be enrolled at TEAM University this year! The presentation took place at 11:00 at Fast Education learning center.

Celebration scholarship from GROSS Insurance!

GROSS Insurance announced a contest for the best essay or presentation which will cover 50% of the total tuition fee for TEAM UNIVERSITY students during 2020-2021 academic year. …TEAM University congratulates two of our students and wishes all the best endeavours in their further education and career!

Greetings from London

Greetings from LondonAlan Buckingham will teach you Global Contemporary Issues.Make Alan feel welcome!

Everything you need to know about student life at TEAM University!

Active social life is one of the most important influences on student development. TEAM University prepared incredible student clubs for you! What student clubs would you suggest?

Why do businessmen gather for breakfast?

Why do businessmen gather for breakfast?How do they overcome setbacks on the road to success? What is expecting TEAM University students this academic year? The founders and academics of TEAM University have answered to these and many other questions during their first business breakfast with students. Due to quarantine measures, we were able to invite […]

Gross Insurance extends the deadline of applying for 50% Scholarship!

Dear Applicants! We are in a hurry to share amazing news with you! Acceptance of essays and presentations for 50% of Scholarship from the largest insurance company, Gross Insurance, has been extended until September 25!

Our new partner is iTicket.uz!

As the application deadline has been extended, TEAM University will be continuing to introduce its partnerships.  So the next one up is iTicket.uz! iTicket.uz is an innovative system of online and offline ticket sales for entertainment events of any scale, namely: business training, seminars, concerts, musicals, festivals, sports events, as well as any events for […]

Why TEAM University?

Every day we receive videos and essays for TEAM CELEBRATION SCHOLARSHIP from different parts of our country! Today we want to share one of these videos with you Send your videos and essays and get a scholarship for your studies worth 20 650 000 soums!

Greetings from Norway!

Greetings from Norway! How many of you like to play games? Andre Celeti the Module Coordinator of Contemporary Global Issues wants to tell you more about how you are going to study! This is one of the activities which all of YOU – students of TEAM University are going to be engaged in! Andre is […]

Victoria Levinskaya the Deputy Rector on Student Engagement about opportunities at TEAM University

Do you love travelling? Do you want to have an experience of studying abroad? There are plenty of opportunities at TEAM University! We receive a lot of of questions such as ‘Is there any opportunity for my child to continue the study abroad?’, ‘May we participate in foreign conferences and seminars?’ and etc.Victoria Levinskaya says […]

Business breakfast is the time for success!

The businessmen have a limited schedule time and the Business Breakfasts give an opportunity to have one of the most productive meetings in your life! Students of TEAM will have a plenty of such breakfasts together with the most powerful, influential and experienced businessmen in our country! You still have a chance to join our […]

Is a Higher education an investment or a cost? | MFactor

Dear students!

Are you bored of traditional lectures and non-interactive classes?Forget about these at TEAM University! TEAM provides practice-based learning and incredible experience! Watch the video to know more

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